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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Northampton County Sheriff Easter Egg Hunt A Big Success

On Saturday, Northampton County employees, together with families and friends, braved cold and windy April weather for an Easter Egg hunt put on by the Sheriff's Department at Louise Moore Park.

Deputies served up hot dogs and sodas while kids scoured the park for eggs. If a gold coin was inside, they'd get an extra prize.

Thankfully, no politicians could be found. The Easter Bunny was the star of this party, and arrived in a procession of sheriff cruisers with lights on and sirens blaring.

Kids were treated to coloring contests and pics with The Easter Bunny, too. County Council kicked in $500 for this extravaganza, and Just Born Candy Co. donated Peeps, but the deputies who worked so hard to put this project together deserve all the credit.

Jessica Shoup, who works with the Deputies, asked me if I would say something nice about them for once.

"How the hell am I gonna' slam an Easter egg hunt?"

"If you do, I'll slam you into the nearest locker."

Isn't that police brutality? All kidding aside, the smiles on the kids in that picture say it all.


Anonymous said...

kudos to all of you. you all are nice bunch of people. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Techincally, it's not police brutality because she is only a clerk. But on the other hand, the guys and gals did a great job and we all look forward to next year! keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

Dispite the poor morale of the County Sheriffs due to broken promises and poor treatment by the Administration, kudos for the great job!

Anonymous said...

Should municipal entities be involved in a religious celebration? Or are we pretending that Easter is a secular Springtime holiday that doesn't celebrate the resurrection of the claimed savior of the world's largest religious denomination? Was the ACLU busy last weekend? Events like this indoctrinate youth and undermine the fabric of ......... you know the rest.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Given the nature of this post, i am reluctant to respond to this snark, except to note that some workers must think the taxpayers are here to serve them. It's the other way around. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

anything that brings famlies and friends together, and smiles to childrens faces is simply a good thing. thank you all!! good job.

Anonymous said...

The ACLU is suing Reading to have a lighted Easter cross removed. Apparently, after 50 or so years, it's finally become offensive.

I have no problem with Easter egg hunts. I'm just curious as to why the professionally offended haven't targeted them yet.

Anonymous said...

the things the aclu should fight for they don't go figure.we still have freedom of religon in this country. anything that brings children laughter i'm all for 100%