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Friday, April 17, 2009

Domestic Violence Advocate More Interested in Headlines Than Justice

Surrounded by cardboard silhouettes of domestic violence victims and whirring cameras, Beginning Over Foundation's Heidi Markow was the center of attention yesterday, calling on both Governor Rendell and the Attorney General to take over the wife-beating prosecution of Upper Mount Bethel's Jeffrey Poliskiewicz. Poliskiewicz is scheduled to plead guilty today to seven of eight charges filed as the result of an alleged 2008 assault on his wife. A felony assault charge will be withdrawn, but Poliskiewicz will plead to simple assault, terroristic threats, reckless endangerment, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, stalking and harassment.

That's not good enough for Markow or victim Melissa McShane, who told me during yesterday's news conference that she would only be satisfied by a 43 year sentence. Neither McShane nor Markow seems to understand that sentencing is a judicial, not prosecutorial, function. It's unlikely that a sentence like that would be imposed, even if Poliskiewicz admitted everything. And after yesterday's dog and pony show orchestrated by Markow, I'd be surprised if Poliskiewicz pleads guilty to anything. You see, Defendants have advocates, too, and Markow's stunt may have poisoned would would have been a good result for the Commonwealth and Melissa, the victim of this assault.

Let me give you some background. Poliskiewicz is clearly a wife beater who has victimized all three of his past wives. But he comes into this plea agreement with practically no record of prior offenses, partly because the nature of domestic violence is such that victims are unwilling to pursue criminal charges.

Poliskiewicz undeniably assaulted his first wife, but those charges never went anywhere. When he assaulted his second wife, she agreed to allow him to participate in ARD, a special program for first time offenders in which charges are dropped after a successful probationary period.

This brings us to Poliskiewicz's third wife, Melissa McShane. It's been a very stormy relationship.

February 24 (2008): Two state troopers responded to a domestic violence call placed by Melissa's daughter. At that time, Melissa was reluctant to pursue any prosecution, noting she had only been married for two months and that her husband had never been violent before this incident. Troopers told her about the PFA (protection-from-abuse) process, different women's resources she could use and provided her with a Victim/Witness assistance guide. They also chargedd her husband with summary harassment, but Melissa never appeared at the hearing.

February 28: Three troopers responded to another call from Melissa's daughter. This time the couple was interviewed separately. Both indicated their argument was strictly verbal, and the state police saw no signs of physical abuse. Melissa told them she was leaving to stay with a relative.

February 29: Poliskiewicz and Melissa file dueling PFAs against each other. Poliskiewicz claims Melissa is taking things from his house, and is advised by state police to call his lawyer.

March 17: Melissa asks the Court, in a handwritten letter, to dismiss the PFA. She claims things "get blown out of proportion and we are very sorry to get the courts involved." A copy of this letter is below.

April 2: Alleged assault. There is no report of this incident to any police officer.

April 11: Melissa's dad asks troopers to check on his daughter, and two troopers arrive at an empty house. They learn that Melissa was at the courthouse, and had obtained a PFA based on the April 2 assault. She makes no call to the state police to report she was assaulted and makes no request for police assistance.

April 11: Troopers call Melissa's cell phone to see if she is alright. She returns their call and makes no report of an assault nor does she request to see a trooper.

April 12: Ten days after the assault, Melissa seeks medical treatment. She is ex-rayed and no fractures are diagnosed. She is advised to apply ice to evident soft tissue injuries.

April 12: Melissa calls to report Poliskiewicz driving an ATV through the property in violation of the PFA. She also reports finding weapons that Poliskiewicz failed to surrender to Deputy Sheriffs after a PFA was filed against him. Troopers seize the weapons. They seize Poliskiewicz, too, and turn him over to deputy sheriffs for contempt charges.

January '09: Domestic violence advocate Heidi Markow gets involved. She and Melissa meet with Morganelli concerning the April 2 assault, and he agrees to file charges. Morganelli describes Poliskiewicz as a "serial abuser" who preyed on women at match.com. Poliskiewicz is arrested and imprisoned because he's unable to post $300 thousand bail. Morganelli assigns his Domestic Violence Unit, which he established in 1998, to handle the prosecution.

February 9: Domestic Violence Advocate Heidi Markow issues a news release claiming that police "repeatedly ignored" Melissa's claims of abuse. Markow goes on to claim "police aren't talking even though their silence is a disservice to [Melissa] and the public at large." She commends DA Morganelli.

February 24: Poliskiewicz is depicted as an "online predator" in an NBC10 report entitled "Dark Side of Looking for Love on the Internet." He met his third wife at match.com.

March 23: Markow claims, in a domestic violence blog, that state police reacted to Melissa's story "with indifference -- and inaction."

Yesterday, instead of blaming police, Markow was wagging her finger at Morganelli for ignoring the evidence in a case that he himself filed. Domestic violence do-gooders were also blasting me, on this very blog, for suggesting that Markow seemed to be more interested in whipping up a lynch mob than obtaining justice.


Here's what Markow has really done. First, she has falsely accused Pennsylvania state troopers of indifference and inaction when it's quite clear they were very responsive. Second, she has substituted her own inexperienced judgment for that of professional prosecutors whose job is to achieve justice, not vengeance. Third, she has proved to be quite adept at throwing around irresponsible accusations that leads to headlines in which she gets some notoriety. Fourth, she may have destroyed whatever plea agreement existed between prosecutors and Poliskiewicz, doing a disservice to the very victims she supposedly is trying to help.

Update: Heidi Markow Explains Why DA Not Invited to News Conference About ... Him.
Afternoon Update: The Express Times' Sarah Cassi reports that DA John Morganelli went ahead with the plea deal condemned yesterday by domestic violence victim advocate Heidi Markow. Today, she incredibly claims "We're getting somewhere."


Anonymous said...

Blogger More Interested in Sadism Than Truth.

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding, that you would sit in judgment of these people! After your problems with alcohol, and what you put your wife through, you trash these women?
I bet your ex could shine some light on exactly what your motives are here!

Anonymous said...

bernie, this seems unnecessarily mean-spirited. it undermines your credibility.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have a one paragraph conclusion at the end, preceded by a detailed factual recitation to substante every claim. Heidi Markow is misguided, is giving victims false expectations and does them and the entire system a disservice. Her intentions arte basically good but yesterday's news conference wasd little more than a publicity stunt that actually backfired.

Not one of the three comments posted here in any way deals with the question whether thew police or DA was responsive, but instead just slam me.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I can take it. They establish there really is no refutation.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, we know not to take the words of advocates or bloggers as fact. You want to establish fact, go back to the courtroom. As much as you may think the rules of evidence and fact apply to the blogosphere, you run a political blog, not a fact finding service. You all have a spin, so spare us the lectures on facts and whether or not we are going to refute what you see.

The point is that you took your spin and were extremely mean-spirited in your responses. I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight, but I'm telling you that as a reasonable human being, your credibility took a hit in my eyes.

If you want to be mean-spirited, by all means, you are entitled to it. But I'm also entitled to calling you a jerk when I see you acting like one. You have no more claim to the truth than anybody else so get off your high horse.

Anonymous said...

Well-said, anon 10:43, I second that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:43, it is a well established fact (Yuk Yuk!) that Bernie does not sleep. He is omnipresent on the blogospere.
I'm sure he will have a lot of company in Hell. They'll spin it as being, "sorta like heaven, but warmer!"

Anonymous said...

I slam Morgy on a regular basis here. But Bernie's got this one right. It's a radioactive issue where those who dare to tread always take tremendous flak. And no, as the father of a daughter and a fellow human being, I haven't an ounce of sympathy or empathy for pond scum like Poliskiewicz. I'd have a hard time keeping myself out of jail for administering my own justice on a guy who did that to my daughter. Pulling a stunt like this doesn't advance the DV advocates' cause, however. It's as harmful to the cause as tree spikers and abortion clinic bombers are to theirs. Sometimes a stiletto is a better choice of weapon than a cannon.

Code Name Scrapple said...

Bernie, I'd like to see you in my office,
please ...

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 12:55,

Most of these comments are being posted by the Villas, who themselves are unhappy that DA Martin did not personally execute the person whose drunk driving caused the death of their daughter. The Villas and their bitterness exemplify what happens when reason leaves and passions are set loose.

My concern is that this is precisely what is happening here. Heidi Markow is creating false expectations in the minds of victims, which leads to counter-productive stunts like what occurred yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The victim has been victimized twice, and she doesn't even know it.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, You are right. Beware of "advocates" whatever the legal hole they pop out of. They have the luxury of pushing their cause under the guise of helping their "client". I won't take on a client that insists on the participation of an advocate.

Anonymous said...

Most of these comments are being posted by the Villas

which ones? and can you provide proof? thanks.

Anonymous said...

he Villas, who themselves are unhappy that DA Martin did not personally execute the person whose drunk driving caused the death of their daughter.

Mr. O'Hare, I have never heard the villas calling for execution although I have read their highly lucid case for a charge of third degree murder which they back up w/ PA precedent cases.

Anonymous said...

I've read those precedent cases and the Villas had a reasonable expectation for a third degree murder charge. In Montgomery County, they would have gotten it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

As suspected, the Villas are trying to hijack this post. Villas, the subject here is domestic violence, not you. Go away and talk with yourselves on your own blog.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That response is the only proof I need. Victims of domestic violence may have things to say, as they did yesterday. Go away.

Anonymous said...

Some of the earlier comments critical of one Bernard V O'Hare by the victims have gone "poof!"


Bernie O'Hare said...

I've deleted nothing but will delete anonymous personal attacks at my discretion. Go away, Villas. Post your hate on your own blog and have some respect for other people.

Anonymous said...

Delete if you wish. I don't even know the Villa's. What you are doing to these women is disgusting. You twist the story to cover Morganelli's ass.
I would expect that from a woman hater like Angle but frankly, I am a bit shocked by your biased reading of the incidents.
Shame on you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Why is Angle a woman hater? His wife will be surprised to hear that. Sounds to me that if anyone is biased, it is you.

I am a woman hater for pointing out that the claim that the police ignored Melissa is palpably false? For noting that Markow first claimed Morganelli was great and then started slamming him? For noting that she is now claiming to be getting somewhere when the DA did exactly what she conducted a news conference to prevent?

She is misguided and does a disservice to the very real victims of domestic violence by giving them false expectations and needlessly alienating police and DA, who are in reality her allies.

I am sensing some sexism, but it's not coming from me.

Michele Hawk said...

Wow! You published more information from the state police than I have ever seen and I am a victim. I now know that someone from the inside is feeding you your information because you have it here on your column. I never dropped my charges and Marlana never went to the court or police so how would Poliskiewicz receive ARD from a charge/case that never exisited for wife #2? Marlana admitted on camera she never went to the police. I filed charges and he received ARD and that was the DA's dealing for me wife #1. I never heard about ARD until you posted it today. The facts are being fed to you bit by bit to show the story they want. I believe that you are now the pawn. Well to each's own and we all have to make a living; you just sling mud and half truths.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I am nobody's pawn and have been highly critical of both DA and police when I can establish they are doing dsomething wrong. In this case, they are not.

You claim you never consented to ARD. Nobody gets ARD without the consent of the victim. That's the way things go. So if I mixed wife #1 and #2, and it is #2 who chose not to press charges, the result is still the same. He has no prior record.

I have been blogging a few years and have developed sources. My recitation of what happened between 2/08 and now is very accurate. Contrary to what Markow and wife #3 were claiming, the police were very responsive. The responded to every call, even to calls from her father. They were at no time even told about the assault on 4/2, but were slammed for not making an arrest.

Had Heidi invited Morganelli to the news conference and allowed him to respond, those facts could be developed. But you were not interested in that. You were more interested in showing silouettes and wagging your fingers. It was an ego trip, but does nothing to help victims of domestic violence.

Had this case gone to trial, it is very possible that the defendant would be acquitted completely. A defense attorney would have a field day w/ her 3/17 letter as well as her failure to appear at the harassment case. He would have a field day asking why she did not report the assault in all the contacts she had with state police after the incident occurred.

You now suggest the DA is covering something up, but forget that it is his office who dfiled charges. And tell me, do you honestly think this Defendant would ever be sentenced to 43 years? That's just not what happens.

What mud have I slung? That Heidi is misguided? Point to one Defendant anywhere in this country who would get a 43 year sentence for an assault involving no serious injuries, especially when he has no prior record. Explain to me how a victim gets broken bones DAYS after an assault has occured, as has been alleged. Tell me why Heidi now is trying to pretend you are getting somewhere when Morganelli is doing exactly what she condemned yesterday.

I know you yourself are a victim and am happy to see you standing up for yourself. That's a very good sign. If you makes you feel better to call be a woman hater or other names, go for it. But thius does not change the fact that Morganelli did the right thing and that Heidi is counterproductive. Since she has started her advocacy, her actions have been counter-productive.

And yes, I do think Morganelli has been a good DA. My dad was a DA and I consider John the best DA Northampton County has ever had, despite some serious disagreements with him on some issues. He does take domestic violence seriously and started a unit in 1998, long before it was popular. The attorneys who handle these cases are very experienced and usually have problems with victims who constantly want to drop charges. He is accessible and will often see people who come in off the street without appointment. And he himself is willing to try cases, which is very unusual these days in a DA.

I am telling you, in all honesty, that you mayt know your ex husband very well. But when it comes to the criminal justice system, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have deleted three vicious anonymous personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

You delete opposing views you hypocrite!

Michele Hawk said...

Mr. O'Hare
I do believe that you need to take a lesson in spelling when posting. I believe you were angry at my comments. I am angry that you are calling me a liar. I was never asked about ARD, the DA and Mr. Poliskiewicz came to that agreement in 2002. I never recieved paper work and therefore my rights were violated. However, I have enough common sense to know that it does not matter and I will never change that I just wanted my story to be heard. I agree that Mr. Poliskiewicz would not receive 43 years and I know plea bargains are done everyday. I just wanted Jefrrey to stay in jail until our daughter turns 18 this way he can never harm her again. I realize I made a mistake but I never wanted my children to suffer. Physical abuse heals but now I have to not only live with my abuse but the fact that I could not protect my children from the abuse they suffered. I would like you to think about how you would feel if you had to send your children to a known abuser and worry for the whole time when they were therein his care. Mr. Poliskiewicz never allowed me to communicate with my children while in his care. He pulled their hair, spit in their face, and hit them. Our son finally took a stand against his father last April and left that is why Mr. Poliskiewicz attacked his daughter and Melissa. The last few days have shed a whole new light for me on politics and that is why I have serious doubts about our system. People judge one another before thinking about walking in their shoes. I have read posts that said we deserved to be beaten. No one desrves to be beaten or abused. I have read posts that said we are stupid women. I am an educated woman and I try very hard to not judge a book by its cover. Sincerely, Michele Hawk

Bernie O'Hare said...


I am a good speller but lousy typist with big clumsy fingers. Pardon me.

Nobody posted a comment here calling you stupid or that said you deserved to be beaten. That's hysteria on your part.

As far as wanting to keep your ex from your children, that's what custody court is for. You are perverting the criminal system if you think you can use that to gain advantage in a custody battle.

Nobody is granted ARD on an assault unless the victim agrees. You initially stated, in the news conference, that you never heard anything fter Masut's findings in your case. Now you are saying that there was an agreement. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

O'Hare please stop attacking these women. Is Morganelli so insecure that you must harrang victimized women to protect one of your pals.

God, I hope none of them ever has a problem with John Stoffa, you will bring Hell's Fires down on them.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I attacked no one. I refuted the false claims made about an unresponsive state police department and unresponsive DA.

Lighthouse said...

I am not comfortable even contributing to this exchange, as clearly none of your usual contributors are. To do so clearly elicits damnation if one is not automatically in politically correct form.

Domestic violence is a reality that statistically has touched a fair number of American households. That is a sad reality. It has even touched my life. I will not dare comment on the real pain suffered by many women, children, and men at the hands of emotional or physical abuse.

What I will comment on is how even daring to broach the subject of questioning an allegation exposes one to immediate judgment if one does not espouse the politically correct line. You, Bernie, clearly have been subject to this. That, sadly, takes away from honest dialog. It shuts down anyone who dares to question the facts, and begins with the assumption that such questioning is of someone who is sickly sympathetic of abuse. Thoughts that do not automatically, and unquestionably, support the “victims” are assumed to be (Black or White) to other extreme of being sympathetic to the abuser.

As I stated in a previous post, domestic issues are often “messy”. Sometimes the abuser is a true asshole who should be locked up and separated from society. Unfortunately, sometimes the facts are not always as clear cut as first portrayed. THAT is why we have trials. I pass absolutely no judgment on the current “victims” nor the “defendant”. But I can point to the “Duke” case and say that there is a reason for the adversarial process called a trial. Sometimes there is Evil. Sometimes there is Good. And sometimes there is “in between.” Again, that is why we have trials.

From what I read in the press and in this blog, these women WERE abused to some degree.

BUT, what I also see is an intolerance to an honest questioning of the facts that is no different than:

If you question American-Israeli policy, you must automatically be anti-semitic.

If you question a “woman’s issue”, you must automatically be sexist.

If you question a crime that involves a minority, you must automatically be racist.

Can’t honest questioning occur to arrive at the truth?

I do not personally like DA Morganelli. However, I do understand that to convict, ALL elements of a crime must be proved to a jury “beyond a reasonable doubt, “, and if the DA does not feel that can be done (but lesser charges can be agreed upon), then I support that.

If this guy is the jerk portrayed, then I hope he gets his due. Either way, I find it MOST important that we are a nation of LAWS, not of passion.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Domestic violence is very real. It has touched nearly everyone. I have no doubt the ladies in this matter are very real victims, either. There is no question they were abused.

People who set themselves up as victim advocates would probably do much better if they had a better undersanding of the criminal system. Heidi Markow does not. What's worse, she is alienating police and prosecutors, the very people needed to help stop this problem. She is also giving victims like Melissa false expectations about the kind of sentence that will be imposed.

LVCI said...

While I have found all this airing of the dirty laundry quite informative. The fact of the matter, these things are decided by the courts and not in the court of public opinion. So Michele (putting this in perspective) while I am fully in empathy towards your horrible circumstance... I see little point in making further your frustrations known here on a blog.

That said, thanks for your side of the information. But, Bernie nor anyone can fix this. Nor can we influence the court in any way even if Bernie were to throw 100% of his support behind you. I do wish things were worded with a bit more compassion, but people skills are not the issue being discussed.

I do wish for the best outcome to all of this and hope justice serves you well. I'm rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

Thats the point, Lightbulb! It's O'Hare side of the issue. He got his info from his pal Morganelli.

That is why the victims are upset. These are opinions of a biased person and not facts.

Melissa McShane said...

Dear Bernie,

Here is a copy of the Hospital report that clearly shows broken bones not just soft tissue injury. And just to let you know Heidi Markow did not misguide me on anyhting. If it wasn't for her I would have not gotten this far. I understand what you are doing and the things you have posted about Heidi Markow are untrue and unfair. So here it is TA DA, the real truth...hospital report.

General instructions with ExitWriter

Lehigh Valley Hospital - Muhlenbsrg
2545 Schoenersvflle Road, Bethlehem, PA 18017 484-884-2521

0411312008 18:12
Patient: POLISKIEWICZ, Melissa

MRN; 01572005
AcctW: 308324425
Sex: F
Age: 44y

Thank ,you for visiting the Lehigh Valley Hospital - Muhlenberg-Emergency Department You have been evaluated today by Eric Bruno, M.D. for the following condition(s):

Physical assault.
Head Injury.
Fracture - Coccyx.


Apply ice intermIttently (15-20 minutes at a time 4-6 times daily). You may walk and bear weight as blerated. No dietary restrictions. (Obtain a “donut to sit on until your pain resolves.).

HEAD INJURY PRECAUTIONS: An observer must check on the patient frequently for the next 24 hours to confirm that the patient responds as expected, is not confused, has no new weakness or numbness, and has no other problemt

GENERAL WARNINGS: Return to the Emergency Department or contact.your physician immediately If your condition worsens or changes unexpectedly, If not improving as expected, or if other problems arise. SPECIRCAW(. return if you develop weakness of the foot arm or leg and incontinence of feces (loss of bowel control) or urine (loss of bladder control).
Prescription Medications:

Vlcodin 5 mg: take 1 to 2 orally every 6 hours as needed for pain. Dispense fifteen (15)- No refills. Generic
substitute OK.
Ibuprofen 800mg tablets: take I tablet orally every 8 hours as needed for pain. Dispense 30. No refills.
Plan 8 (Levonoizestrel).
OTC Medications:
Colace capsules (available over the counter): take 1 capsule orally twice daily. Generic substitute OK.

Return to the emergency department as needed. Follow up with your doctor tomorrow even if well. Call for the next available appointment.
Understanding of the discharge instructions verbalized by patient. Expected course of Injury, discharge instructions, activity level, prescriptions x4 and follow-up appointment reviewed with and understanding was vertalized by patient.

POLISKIEWICZ, Melissa 04/13/2008 15:20 MR#01572005 Visit #308324425

Melissa said...

There is no justice at all levels. I have asked for help as has Heidi, but no one helped me or the children and even the abused animals too. No one cares to listen to me the victim. They are making up lies. No Trial, Hidden lies, UNHEARD.

There were 22 guns confiscated by 4 State Troopers on 4/12/2008 (left out of Bernie O'Hares Blog) which Jeff did not have when we married (12/20/2007) in the house.

Jeff was stealing from me after/during our entire marriage.




When the police came to the house after the children called crying of Jeff abusing me in the house. I was being suffocated with pillows and blankets on the top floor of the house (Bernie O'Hare leaves this out of his blog too) No trooper asked me anything, but only talked to Jeff. Trooper said “Wow, Jeff movin up looks nice in here.” (Because they had been to house many times on 911 calls). With every wife came more home improvements and when police came they saw many improvements over the years. Me, my daughter and cat out of the house at 1 am, and we had to go to hotel. Nothing at all with us, because troopers said we would be back in am.. The Trooper would not let me take his daughter who was crying to go with me and was begging the Trooper. She was left endanger for her life, because the troopers never asked me and the kids anything. We were all scared of him and we still are.

The police would not let me take anything and Jeff cleaned all my valuables out of house from 1am until 8am and went to PFA office in morning and took his own children to lie for him in court that I was going to kill him (Bernie left this out too ). This was all a lie of Jeff's and the DA does not want this all to come out.

I called the police and got no help and they had to call sheriff - nothing again.


When Jeff removed me and the children on a lying PFA.
The 22 guns appeared after that. They are some serious looking hand guns. black and silver.
Jeff did not work our entire marriage and he was selling my things for whatever he needed or wanted because "I was his POW" "He told me "I own you." He called the children names and would hit them. He was very verbally abusive.

The guns were later in PFA court - on Indirect Contempt on Temporary PFA and he only did 2 days ( should be longer) attached to kids PFA and not mine. And not mine



Where are these now? Open Records.....? Right To Know? What is everyone hiding? Who ?

Where are these illegal guns?

I have been threatened to be arrested twice for questioning about these guns by two sheriffs. (witnesses) Even one time with my daughter with me and she was scared after we were just out of the abusive house. Why was the police and sheriff abusing us? We had enough abuse from my husband in the home. Please do not treat victims this way.

Wow, wonder what they are all hiding.

That is why I am not getting anything fair here in the courts .....My whole case.... Jeff and J. P.(FILED CRIMINAL CHARGES DA DECLINED - WHY? I HAVE PLENTY OF EVIDENCE AND WITNESSES) - theft. Is all I can figure...... hearing or the DA's office never has talked to me or cared.

The truth is the guns and whatever else is going on in this county.

My husband beat me in a barn, fraud me, and theft all of me and my daughters life belonging and sentimental values and other financial accounts. No one cares or listens to women and children.

We have nothing and I can't even speak to a prosecuting attorney to show evidence of my beating, theft or anything at all or be heard. No one wants the truth to come out.

I have tried and

Is this justice? or Crime?

The police and the sheriff did not help me. Why the guns? I tried to report my physical assault after the sheriffs office saw my bruises after 10 days trying to safely leave in fear for the children and the animals in the home.

I spoke to Detective and he said to go to police. I called police and I was "told Mame it is civil." I tried to report my physical assault, but no one would take it.



It was criminal...what Jeff and Jesse were doing to me. Stealing my pre-marital property while I was working at Bangor High School. My entire marriage was a fraud and a lie. Jeff and J.P. were destroying my car in front of a State Trooper and threatening my family and the Trooper did nothing. My father called police for back up and none came. AGAIN A 911 tape to prove - but no one listens. I have all the 911 calls and - proof. If anyone wants to hear them. WHEN YOU LISTEN YOU WOULD BE DISGUSTED.

Even if Northampton County does not change this case. And wants me to runaway out of this county after J. P. (his nephew) and Jeff stole everything antiques, jewelry, valuables, silver and gold and all my valuables given to me by my family, since I was born and in 3 months. I was fraud by Jeff of marriage and on Match.com.

The DA want charge him for fraud, rape at the end of my barn beating and he wants a little aggravated assault felony to go away.

This is not justice.

Then the county has a problem protecting anyone.

The DA's office never met with me after Jeff was incarcerated. All my evidence is still in my hands. The pubic and community need to know how victims are treated here in the courts by serious repeat violent offenders. Jeffrey P. puts a show on in the courtroom with crying. Jeff did it to me as when he fraud me and my daughter. Jeff is a lier and thief as well as J. P.

No morals or ethics.

The P. family were going to steal my car. Jeff and J.P. hid my car (pre-marital) behind their barn and were going to steal this, too. Jeff told me he was going to sell it for cash. Just like the rest of my belongings. The Judge had order on the PFA for him to give it back but Jeff said J.P. had my car. My daughter and I have nothing from their destruction of our property and their theft.

Northampton County does not want to talk about the theft of these two scum bags.
Can anyone help me or

If you ever need help and you are a women with children of abuse or a criminal like this guy
GOD HELP YOU! to get out safe and be able to fight for justice.
Don’t Forget MY STORY because I am only bringing in my criminal case as an awareness to the community of all that Morganelli did not do.


The children ask me why is no one helping us? I tell them I don’t know. I can not bear to tell them the truth of the injustice, because we teach justice and right from wrong in our schools. How do we explain to them corruption? My children are good, responsible and kind. There love and kindness has collided with the fear to live in this UNPROTECTED COMMUNITY.

GOD help us all. I pray this community changes soon.

Our children are suppose are taught in school values and ethic of justice and what is right.

These children in this criminal case are smarter than the elected ones.

They can not yet understand, those are suppose to protect turn their back.

If anyone cares and is not afraid in this small community and ready to stand up and do what is right and just please email me freedomforever44@gmail.com.

I have had a lot of support in those that truly care and understand, Thank you. I have also had a a lot of opposition from those that thought that I was trying to ruin their career, but all I ever want was

Come Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 10:00 am whatever the outcome I know I was in that 1% that wanted to “fight back and win.” The only holes in this criminal case are those put their by “those” who do not want the truth to be known. The Bail hearing is at 10am and God please do not let him out.

Bernie O’Hare, you are one of the most cruelest, cold hearted people with the use of your words and “I DO NOT EVEN KNOW YOU” and YOU HAVE STOOPED TO YOUR LOWEST OF LOWS LIVES BY CRITICIZING WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO IMPROVE THE WORLD.



Bernie O'Hare said...


Your ex will not be in jail for 43 years. He may not be in jail beyond Wednesday. Screaming about it and demanding new judges just marginalizes you. Your best bet is to work within the system to have a long probation that is supervised and in which you and your children will feel safe. In all other respects, you are spinning your wheels. You need a counselor who understands the system. My words seem cruel to you, but you're setting yourself up for more disappointment. I'm sure you love your children and want what is best for them. Start working within the system.

Anonymous said...

"Your ex ... He may not be in jail beyond Wednesday."

This is a needless taunt voiced by a sadist solely for the purpose of his own self-pleasuring.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This is no taunt. The ex has been in prison under $300k bail since early January. It is highly likely that bail will be reduced on Wednesday. People need to be realistic and you are just fanning flames.

Anonymous said...

You're the one fanning the flames here, O'Hater.

Gleefully causing these already abused women
more pain.

It's what you do ...

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am telling her the truth instead of giving her false and unrealistic expectations. You are a troll who could not give a shit about any of these women, Villa. Go to hell.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you'd play the "Villa" card.

Only Bill Villa sees right through you?

Guess again.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Go bray on your own blog, Villa.

Anonymous said...


here's O'Hater proactively "defending" the person who killed Bill Villa's daughter: Take This, VillaO'Hater created an entire blog to make a f**k out of a grieving father and to "run interference" for another DA, Jim Martin.

O'Hare's a sadist and a poli-sycophant.

Bernie O'Hare said...


My concern is that, two years from now, you will be as insane as the Villas with bitterness and hate. They have distorted reality and hate anyone who tells them differently. Take a good look.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Villa's "crazy" alright ... like a fox.

He ran circles around big bad DA Jim Martin and turned his daughter's killer's boasted about "weekend in jail and some house arrest" into 5.5 to 12 years in state prison. O'Hare, just imagine what Villa's going to do to you (not a threat, it's a promise), legally.

You: Poof.

Anonymous said...

"Melissa, My concern is that,
two years from now, you ..."

Oh yes, O'Hare has been showing Melissa much "concern" all through blog post, now hasn't he...

Anonymous said...

Soon, O'Hater will start deleting (and Disabling) comments ... slithering coward that he is ...

Esq. said...

Blog war update: Readers, I just met w/ Bill V. He's cool, calm, and collected, as always. But you should see The Other Guy.

Muhammad Ali said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Michele, Take a good look at the 5 comments following mine. This is what concerns me. The Villas are a twisted couple whose daughter was tragically killed by a drunk driver, and they now blame everyone - the DA, newspaper, politicians, local blogs, etc. It is more than 2 years and they are filled with anger and hate. This could happen to you. This is my point.

Anonymous said...

Yes, obviously, the compassionate and concerned O'Hare has only the very best interests of suffering crime victims at heart (wink wink) "honest."

Anonymous said...

Michele, O'Hare's trying to manipulate you, another specialty of his, don't fall for it ...

Susan Reilly said...

Well, Well Bernie,

Looks like you need an education in law! how many letters do you have behind your name...the only letters I can think of are l.o.s.e.r... Mr. Poliskiewcz did not walk today as you said. And now get ready to eat the dust of two uneducated women!did you ever hear of the Erin Brocovich story...she took down a small town didn't she. You need to focus more on your hygiene and attire than trying to work for the DA's office...I don't think any jobs are open for more people who don't seek justice for true victims of crime. Stay tuned..many more victims who were never heard will be coming forward with the same complaints. So I say we all start playing fair and working together to make things right..Any ideas since you have such great advise. So I say take a week off and regurgitate the words that you said in your past posts. Any more ramblings Mr. O'Scare. If you want more truths just let McShane or Markow know I am sure they can get the word out.

Anonymous said...

When the hell did Bernie say he was going to be released from jail. He stated he was already in jail on bail since January.

You are already turning into Villa.

By the way, get spell check.

Anonymous said...

This is what Bernie said, my mistake..was Bernie right!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Your ex will not be in jail for 43 years. He may not be in jail beyond Wednesday. Screaming about it and demanding new judges just marginalizes you. Your best bet is to work within the system to have a long probation that is supervised and in which you and your children will feel safe. In all other respects, you are spinning your wheels. You need a counselor who understands the system. My words seem cruel to you, but you're setting yourself up for more disappointment. I'm sure you love your children and want what is best for them. Start working within the system.

11:10 PM
Anonymous said...
"Your ex ... He may not be in jail beyond Wednesday."

This is a needless taunt voiced by a sadist solely for the purpose of his own self-pleasuring.

9:19 AM
Bernie O'Hare said...
This is no taunt. The ex has been in prison under $300k bail since early January. It is highly likely that bail will be reduced on Wednesday. People need to be realistic and you are just fanning flames.

9:33 AM

Anonymous said...

Not only is O'Hare wrong, that's him lying about it "anonymously" (wink wink) in the 5:09pm comment.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Villa, Stay on your own blog, asshole. Nobody is interested in anything you say anymore. Have enough respect for these crime victims to leave them alone. It's bad enough that you're nutz and now you're tring to infect them, even to the point of impersonating a woman.

You are a disgusting piece of shit who actually took pleasure in the fact that someone broke Donovan's jaw. You don'ty giver a shit about these ladies or anyone but yourself.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering when you'd play the "Villa" card again.

Only Bill Villa sees right through you?

Guess again.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Villa, stay on your own blog, asshole.