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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm a Dirty, No Good, Liar

Yesterday, I told you about Jim Hickey, Northampton County's former Director of Administration, and his "five questions" interview with Express Times editor Joe Owens. I told you Hickey called the county's 2001 bond was a horrible mistake. "I should have listened to O'Hare and Angle. Those assholes really know what they're talking about. Especially O'Hare."

I lied.

Yesterday, Hickey threw me off the courthouse roof again, and promised to use me as part of the fill for the new courthouse parking deck unless I come clean. Actually, Hickey considers that 2001 bond as Glenn Reibman's greatest achievement. "I think we're seeing the economic benefits from that throughout the county and I think you're also seeing the vindication of Glenn Reibman's decision to pursue that bond."

Nothing would make me happier than being proved wrong about that bond. I just don't see those 30,000 jobs that Reibman promised, and I've been looking everywhere.


Anonymous said...


Did those courthouse employees ever get their cost of living adjustments? Did they ever get any financial incentives? I remember when they took away the Blue Cross and gave it to another company that allegedly contributed to his campaign. They practically gave them that contract, without barely advertising or seeking other competitive contracts. But hey, I live in D.C. now. It's the same thing, just on a bigger scale. I don't know which hurts worse? Screwing people over that you know and see everyday or screwing people over that you don't know and will never see? County or big city politics; unfortunately it is getting to be all the same. Keep up the watchdog team! ~~Alex

Bernie O'Hare said...

Father Alex,

My confession keeps getting longer and longer. You better get ordaind soon.

There are so many different unions now that it's nearly impossible to tell who gets what. Most of the employees have finally had some measure of justice, but the sheriffs' union actually forced two people out. One of them is Sam Senneca, who I'm sure you remember. The other is Joe Peake. I always thought unions existed to protect jobs. Silly me.

Chris Miller said...

That bond issue is right up there with the preservation of farmland in Northampton County.
As for unions protecting jobs, that was initially true as well as getting them better benefits. Some day when you have a minute I'll BEA

Anonymous said...

Now employees wish the old company had stayed as 'Big Blue' is back to the bullying ways that led to them getting dropped to begin with.
The contract was bid as per the law. If you are aware of an illegal action report it otherwise you are just another complainer that helped us get the current goofs in office.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:04 PM

I was one of the ones that went to the County Council meetings and complained the loudest - before, during, and after. I don't remember Blue Cross bullying anyone. I just thought it was a better deal for someone else if Colonial got the contract. I don't remember anyone ever having a problem with Blue Cross.

I am sorry for the problems that you have now. But as you should well know, by now, everything is accomplished right on that fine line. Although it is legit, it isn't right. Politics suck when you can't be credible. But morality doesn't play a role in things anymore. Almost like they are hiding behind something, especially when they don't sign there names to blog messages.

I don't mean to be condescending, but attend meetings, be active, stay informed, and vote. It's your money and your interests. But they are just banking on you not caring. That's too bad. I feel sorry for the ones that are stuck in such a sad situation.

~~Alex Joseph
Washington, D.C.

Anonymous said...

I do , I am, I am and I do.