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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Julian Stolz: He's Baaaack

Julian Stolz, a DeSales student and school board member somewhere, is now flying solo at a blog he calls Lehigh Valley Throwdown. Stolz, whose email address starts with "Stolz4LehighCounty," is politically ambitious. But I have to admire publicly elected officials who participate in the raucous give and take of the blogosphere. He joins Allentown city council member Michael Donovan (Inclusion) and Lynn Township Supervisor Dave Najarian (Northern Lehigh Valley Logic). Both of those blogs have been a public service.


Anonymous said...

according to a rumor stolz has failed out of desales and is now enrolled at LCCC

Bernie O'Hare said...

I hope this rumor is untrue. If it is true, I'm glad to hear Julian has not given up.

Anonymous said...

You guys should start your own
brick and mortar magazine shop.

You guys could rule!

You can be shock jocks like waeb.

Veritas said...

This should be interesting adding another to the mix.

Julian Stolz said...

Second time that rumor's floated around.

Nope just transfering to LCCC for a year then back to DeSales to graduate.

Fiscal responsibility.

Whoever posted that checks my facebook.

get julian out said...

Julian Stolz is not good for our school district. He graduated a year before me. He really does not know what he is talking about. He had such bad grades that he only got into Desales...only to drop out. He may say that he transferred. The real reason is he did so poorly that he had to leave. I know this for a fact because he told a group of my brothers friends

John J. said...

As a former classmate of Julian, I just wanted to say that I cannot believe that he has been elected. In high school, he was a student of low merit who enjoyed disturbing class to hear himself talk.

There were few who held any good opinion about his ethics and motives. His being elected to any type of public office is everything everything that is wrong with American politics.

This is not suppose to be a personal attack against Julian, but a lament at the state of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Stolz is someone with a lot of ambition, little experience, and less knowledge. He attends a lot of local political meetings and talks to a lot of 'insiders' about local politics and writes about what he learns from them. He sounds as if he knows what he is talking about. It's a nice hobby. Good training for someone looking to become a professional politician.

Beyond that claim to fame, he has no other credentials and very little upon which to validate his opinions. The only thing you can say about his opinions is that they are strong and he knows a conservative when he sees one. Big woop.

He has performed miserably on the East Penn School board. His total misconception of the process of labor negotiations was a public embarrassment and he still does not 'get' that the Board voted on the settlement properly. The Board negotiated and voted upon the CHANGES to the contract - not the rest of the language in the contract which remained unchanged. He is hanging his hat on this misunderstanding of the process as a 'lack of transparency.' Hogwash.

One almost despairs at this level of ignorance and inability to learn even through 'on the job' training. His distrust of his fellow board members results in his not being accept their advice and counsel. Imagine joining an organization and taking the position that you know better than those who are seasoned in the procedures on how to do the job? How can you help not look foolish?

Youth does not equal wisdom. Being a conservative is not a sign of intelligence or ability.

Simply because you are a recent graduate of a school system, in no way demonstrates any capacity to manage that system as an elected official. East Penn voters voted him in and therefore they deserve the leadership they get, but hopefully, the community will wise up in the next election. Or he may simply appropriately throw in the towel and move on to campaign for higher office.

Isn't that what happens to incompetents in business and government: they get promoted?

Anonymous said...

As a recent DeSales graduate who had classes with Julian (including Constitutional Law), I can say that he knows what he's talking about in the world of politics, but seriously lacks a grasp of constitutional principles. There was another student in the class (also a conservative) who ran circles around Julian when it came to the Constitution and general governmental structure (I think he's in law school now). Even when they agreed on something, the other kid seemed to have trouble agreeing with Julian because of his weak grasp of the Constitution.

But I don't want to mock Julian. I think with political ambition and much more experience (and a solid education), he could do a good job politically.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let me just tell you all that Julian Stolz graduated high school with less than a 2.5 GPA and he admitted that he only got into DeSales because of his grandfathers connections. Please don't re-elect him- we need members of the school board who take the education of our children seriously. Not someone who is using it as a jumping-off platform for his political career.

East Penner said...

seems some people are jealous of the ambitious Stolz, maybe they wish they were him with his passion for politics and public service.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Julian only knows what he's takling about when he learns it from someone else. Other than that he talks in circles to confuse people. It's quite ridiculous.

I don't mean to be rude, but seriously, he needs more experience in the political field. Also, he shouldn't call himself a republican when most of his views are fairly liberal.

I do hope that things go well for him, I really do. But I know he needs some help.

On that note, I wish him the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Julian, you should have kept your mouth shut. I will be entering my name for your spot on the school board. I'm 48 yrs old, have a child in East Penn and your days are numbered. My child does not need her future hindered or outlined by a GOP hack punk like yourself. The adults are back in town.

Mark Harmon

Anonymous said...

School board members need to be dedicated and committed to the big picture of education. They need to look at all perspectives, including students, teachers, parents, admininistrators, and all tax-payers. To be an effective school board member, one needs to be open minded and willing to work together with fellow board members for the greater good. It is hard work; a fulltime job sans the pay.
Based upon my reading, I hpoe Mr. Stolz seriously does some reflecting on how he can improve his skills and be an effective board member, by working more collaboratively and cooperatively in his role. Otrherwise, his constituents can vote him out.

Anonymous said...

The only passion Mr. Stoltz has is to hear himself talk and the only service he does is for himself.