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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ladies of the Blogosphere

These ladies, many of them very young and new to blogging, can really write. All original. All interesting. I am humbled. I am awed. What wonderful and diverse voices we have! Here's a peek.

"I'm a city rat for all intents and purposes.

"I've lived in NYC and have seen rats bigger than poodles. I've dealt with a family of mice that infiltrated my home through a hole in the wall no bigger than my pinky nail. They reminded me of the Flying Wallendas. They would swing on things like the super long telephone cord (it was cheaper than a cordless) that I had going from my kitchen to the living room. I have also had my share of water bugs, silverfish and other pains in the ass things that don't belong in my home."

Katie Bee:

"a year ago i didn't own anything but my car and a duffel bag of clothes. i sort of drove around and changed in the bathroom in the coffee shop and read books inside the bookstore and ate meals of free samples in grocery stores."

Mrs. Dottie:
"Wow. People are really in a hurry. While leaving Wegman's on Sat. after getting some take-out (not MY idea) some jerky guy nearly pushed me and my little boy out of the way so he could get in front of us and get to where he was going. He must be a VIP. We were not even walking slow. His kid was pushing his way ahead as well. My hubby said to the guy "Hey you jerky, are you in a hurry?" I was bracing myself for an altercation, but the guy never even turned around. I guess we were getting in the way of HIS weekend. Then the cars would not stop to let us cross in the crosswalk. Now I know why I don't shop at Wegman's. It's the pushy people, not just the over-priced prepared food which I think is not that great quality anyway. I do much better with the seniors on discount day at King's."

Pam Varknoy:

"In Allentown, violence is so common that the only interest it seems to generate is that of a statistic: like the odds on a horse race, everyone is betting whether the city will surpass last year's record setting murder rate of 21. It looks like we just may."

"Time is an invention.

"That was a message on the t-shirt of a favorite photographer pal. You might think it's pop philosophy. I think it's screen-printed wisdom. Think about it for a moment. Scrambles the mind, eh?"

"I swear the Christmas City must hand out Moravian stars, Volvos and tweed coats with elbow patches once you live there long enough to qualify as a Bethlehemian. Again, I don't say this to be nasty. I am envious! I occasionally want a little high-brow experience in center city Allentown. It's my right! I know that such things occur sometimes in the west end, but not in my neighborhood. I sense a tide of revolution growing among the regular folks here and I hope it gets stronger. The Queen City shall reclaim her throne one day as one of several gems of the valley. Let's just hope my observations don't provoke an invasion by the City of Bethlehem. I hear those Moravian stars hurt when hurled as a weapon!:)"


Mrs. Dottie said...

Gee, thanks BernO, I'm in my 40's and it's good to see women of different ages, from 18+, contributing to the conversation.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mrs. Dottie, It is fresh, lively, entertaining, intelligent, diverse and honest.

Valima said...

Thanks for the shout out Bernie! :)I'm glad to be part of the balancing act of the XY factor of the LV Blogosphere.


Bernie O'Hare said...


I often feel just a tad more civilized when I read the viewpoints of so many diverse voices. You all make me just a little better, and I have a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say that THIS was a great subject. I have read many of their blogs and have often wondered where to meet such intelligent and thought-provoking ladies? It's good to know that there are some that inhabit A-town.


Bill Villa said...

... geez, where are all the comments from the usual army of chatty cathy guys? Must be vagina envy ...