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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can Allentown Become a "No Place For Hate" City?

Yesterday, I got into quite a bit of trouble over a picture that accompanied my post about racial assault victim Kari Holmes. Some of you feel, perhaps rightly, that there never is any justification for the use of the word "nigger," even when it is being done to show the logical absurdity of racism.

I can give you plenty of examples of racist and hate speech that don't use that inflammatory word at all. How about this?

"This problem ends if you get rid of the negros. Any black man 20 years of age or older not working without a degree gets shipped off to the military. Make them the first wave in any assault."

Or this?


Is there some local KKK blog, you ask? Nah, it's just The Morning Call's reader forum, home of the Lehigh Valley's lowest common denominator among human beings. Racism is alive and well in the Lehigh Valley, and The Morning Call permits racist remarks (so long as no inflammatory words are used) because it generates interest and ad revenues. Isn't it nice that bigots have a place to meet and talk? Maybe some of them are dating and will produce some little bigots.

The Morning Call gods were supposed to discuss this matter with me in a conference call in January, but they're probably too busy selling ads.

Instead of discussing it with them, I'll bring up this topic at breakfast to be conducted this June by a consortium of groups - including The No Place for Hate Initiative - deeply concerned about what is happening in Allentown.

Why don't you come and offer your suggestions, too?

When/Cuando: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 2008
Breakfast 7 AM, Program 7:30 AM – 9 AM

What: Community Dialogue: Allentown a “NO PLACE FOR HATE” City

Where/Donde: The Palace Banquet and Conference Center, 623 Hanover Ave, Allentown 18109 (former Ice Palace Skating Rink)

Register: Please contact Nicholas Butterfield, Human Relations Officer, at 610-437-7616 or send an e-mail to butterfield@allentowncity.org. Please register by Monday, June 2, 2008. Para asistencia en EspaƱol llame a Erlinda Aguiar al 610-439-5976.


A.J. Cordi said...

I knew immediately you were referring to The Morning Call forums before I read on. It's that bad!

I constantly press their little flag button on racist, sexist, and other offending comments but they are very rarely removed.

What is the cost of the breakfast?

Anonymous said...

No, hate is a human emotion.
Some hate is good and some bad.

Bill Villa said...

"The Morning Call gods were supposed to discuss this matter with me in a conference call in January ..." -Bernie

Bernie, possibly (?) you didn't request a meeting with The Morning Call enough times?

FYI, my number of polite requests for a meeting with The Morning Call Editorial Board currently stands at 109 and I'm thinking meeting request #110 just may hit the spot and get me my meeting.

At its website, as you know, The Morning Call says that its Editorial Board has a "welcome mat that always is out for those who want to be heard."

Take it from me though, you must request a "welcome mat" meeting at least 109 times (and counting) to maybe get one.

Good luck getting yours and I'll keep you posted re: me getting mine.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"What is the cost of the breakfast?"

My suspicion is that it is free but you must call to register.

Valima said...

"No, hate is a human emotion.
Some hate is good and some bad."

Hatred never produces anything positive.

It breeds evil.

It breed war.

It breeds death and destruction.

Mrs. Dottie said...

People should be outraged that the newspaper fuels the fire for hate.
It really hurts the community.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that forum has some of the most vile and vulgar statements I have ever read. It's funny, though, how all of the racist commentors hide behind the screen names. This, actually, was one of the reasons why I decided to use my real name. Unfortunately, the negative attitudes on the forum often outweigh the "voices of reason" and I hope and pray their opinions aren't the true representation of Lehigh Valley.

Alfonso Todd

Bernice O'Hairy said...

Hate takes many shapes and forms. Discrimination is one that allows it to rear its ugly head. "Can allentown become a No Place for Hate City?" Can the Blogosphere?
The moment Bernie O'Hatebag stops blogging, it will. It's memorial Day weekend, and Bernie will retreat to his cave upstairs and spin his "Who do I trash today?" Wheel. Will it be Pawlowski or Bennett? We learned yesterday he doesn't do school boards. God, I'd hate to learn what he does do!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Team Casey arises from its slumber, but no one cares anymore. Bray away.

Anonymous said...

The Morning Call has lowered its style book from a fifth grade reading level to Hooked on Phonics. Its forums reflect the expected, equivalent in intellectual sophistication and curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Burnie, are you disbarred ? If you are, what happened ?

Bernie O'Hare said...

This question has been asked and answered several times on this and other blogs. It is completely irrelevant to the topic of this post. These daily personal attacks just inspire me and convince me I must be on the right track. They also create interest in this blog, so thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:21, Burnie forged a judges name on some papers he shouldn't have and also let a family down by not filing timely for relief. Ask him and he'll tell you he was drunk, so that's OK, huh, Burnie?

addicted said...

The truth is there never has been, or never will ne, a "team casey." Bernie O'hare writes his own comments and posts them anonymously with no proof, to drive comments on his own blog and portray himself as a victim. He has no proof other than what he says, but we should all believe him, because he is so trustworthy.
Now he's busy stalking other bloggers. But I probably made that up, just like he did.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Team Casey is alive and well and Addicted is very much a part of it. It's quite obvious that he would join in a chorus of slams made one day after this post appeared. He's one of the people behind it.

The first hateful remark p[osted here, which comes from "Bernice o'hairy," obviously comes from your brother-in-law. The second slam, at 8:21 PM yesterday, was just the latest time one of you has brought up my suspension.

After a day of silence, someone posts another hateful comment at 7:46 PM today and you just happen to pop on with your own ridiculous charge an hour later. Hmmmm.

There must be some back channel chatter tonight.

My sitemeter, which you can see for yourself at the bottom of this blog, will reveal I did not make that comment. That's a totally baseless and reckless suggestion and is one of the many reasons why you are such a poor blogger. I am AOL and that comment came from someone using a Verizon account.

Domain Name verizon.net ? (Network)
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The blogosphere is much nicer when you and your brother-in-law are not a part of it. I went a whole week without dealing with your crap. If you want to stop this bullshit, then go get your brother-in-law and knock some sense into him. But it seems like you're a part of it. Why else would you be here, commenting on a blog you hate?

A.J. Cordi said...


You (and your fellow bloggers) have already rejected my comments and have twisted my words. You have no room to complain about ethical issues.

addicted said...

The Bull Shit is yours O'Hare, you completely ignored my point about your inventing comments. I put it to you this way:
Why do you and the anonymous comment person who constantly emails my wife have the exact same Ip Pathway? Who else over in Nazareth area is this Blog crazy in their life? It is a fair question, don't you think? I know it is a proxy server open to thousands of users, but coincidence is what it is.

As for AJ, I have no comment on you and your world. You condemn me for my connections, and I could easily condemn you for yours to Bernie, but I don't. I understand how this works, and for all the claims about IP addresses, they can be easily manipulated and changed. I can hide mine at will, but I'm not. We are in Wildwood this weekend, and it could track to any proxy server within 50 miles, depending on how busy the lines are. Sunday nights are the busiest time of the week on the Internet for personal use.
Lies, Damn Lies, and IP addresses. None of them tell the truth. And My Brother in Law is back in rehab, has no Internet, and has a lot more to worry about than you accusing him of berating him on a blog. He's been there since Mother's Day, so get your head out of your asses and quit blaming him, or me, for the negative BS. You have no proof and you know it. Try blaming one of your friends closer to home. God knows you have enough enemies of your #1 rated Blognet HATE Blog.
You should be proud. It is what America Loves. Bull Shit.

Greg McD

Bernie O'Hare said...

you completely ignored my point about your inventing comments.

No I didn't. You claim I post comments anonymusly one and two days after the blog originally publishes to drive traffic here. That's an incredibly presumptuuous accusation. The type of thinking required to make that kind of baseless accusation reveals far more about you than it does about me. First, I don't ever post anonymously. That's your forte. Second, with respect to this specific blog, I provided you with the relevant information concerning the person who posted the remark. As anyone with half a brain can plainly see, the person who posted that comment did so from a Verizon ISP around East Greenville. Is that where your brother-in-law is in rehab? Or is that where Casey works?

I am AOL. I made that clear. Perhaps you need reading lessons.

Why do you and the anonymous comment person who constantly emails my wife have the exact same Ip Pathway?

I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. If you're suggesting that I anonymously email anyone, you're out of your mind. That's not my style. That's more for thically challenged people like you, your brother-in-law and Casey.

Let's get something straight. The only time I've ever emailed your wife, you or anyone else, I've signed my name. The suggestion that I anonymously stalk your wife with emails is completely outrageous. Your comment is designed to damage my reputation and is false. You've gone too far with this scandalous iomplication.

" God knows you have enough enemies of your #1 rated Blognet HATE Blog."

Your jealousy is no justification for libel. You imply I anonymously email your wife, which has all sorts of negative connotations. This is a lie and I believe it is a knowing lie that you and your wife have concocted to damage my reputation.

Anonymous said...

this is better than Peyton Place and the Jerry Springer show :):):):):):) Thanks Henry

Anonymous said...

"""Let's get something straight. The only time I've ever emailed your wife, you or anyone else, I've signed my name."""""" AHHHHHHH!!!!! so you admit you did email her !

Bernie O'Hare said...

Of course, I've emailed her back channel a few times. I believe the most recent occasion was to try and find something out about a homeless mother, and that was many months ago. But I deeply resent the implication that I am anonymously emailing anyone, especially a woman. I consider that accusation libel. And Henry, stop being so ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I am not ignorant. I just want to show that you are not the angel you seem to claim to be. When you start and maintain a blog you have to expect different opinions, and if you don't like it Bernard, it is your problem not mine. Thanks Henry Schaadt

Bernie O'Hare said...

Henry, You are, as I've mentioned many times, a very ignorant and misinformed person. There is a big difference between sending someone a signed email (which I've done)and anonymous cyber-stalking (which I would never do). That is no matter of opinion. The suggestion made by Addicted is libelous. I have already emailed him back channel and demanded a retraction. Your attempt to eqaute a signed email with anonymous stalking reveals you for what most of us already know - an ignorant person. That also is a matter of fact, not opinion.

Anonymous said...

Your own statement about my being ignorant is untrue and libelous. If thats what makes you feel good may God have mercy on your sole. I do not want to lower myself to your name calling level but I will if I have to, and Bernie... I promise you it will not be pleasant. Henry

Anonymous said...

I must admit you emailed me many times. They were filled with obnoxious language. You did not sign them but the email addy was on them. That does'nt by any means make you look any better. Henry

Anonymous said...

correction the first 5 or so had bernard ohare on them, the last 15 or so just had a subject like filled out so I could not save them for future reference. and they were still lacking any morals. Henry

Bernie O'Hare said...

An anonymous email is one that can't be traced. I never send anonymous email. I only send email from my email addy. Henry, if you don't like being called ignorant, learn how to spell things like "soul." It's not "sole." That's the bottom of your foot. This is way beyond the typos that plague most of us. This is true ignorance. That's why I don't like you commenting here. In addition to being a troll who engages in personal attacks, you're rather stupid.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Your typos are famous. If thats how you judge me or anyone else,I really feel sorry for you. Thanks but no thanks Henry

Anonymous said...

"An anonymous email is one that can't be traced." All emails can be traced. Bernie you are showing your ignorance. ps.. I am just getting warmed up sweetheart :) H

Anonymous said...

bernie said.."In addition to being a troll who engages in personal attacks, you're rather stupid."" Bernie , what did you say about personal attacts??? Thanks so much, Henry