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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Didn't Sam Bennett Dial 9-1-1?

Yesterday, I told you about all about congressional candidate Sam Bennett's elderly newspaper delivery man, who was mugged outside her home around 4:30 AM on October 27. By all accounts (Bennett, Mr. A and APD), Bennett was an eyewitness. By all accounts, she never dialled 9-1-1.

Why not?

At the time, she was applying for a special exception that would convert the Historic Benner Home into a 3 guestroom bed and breakfast. In addition to my November 20 report, QCD noted it the following day. Reporter Paul Muschick remarked that, although some of the "most important city decisions that affect neighborhoods are made by the Zoning Hearing Board," The Morning Call only "rarely covers these meetings."

I have been informed that several Bennett neighbors were concerned by parking problems that would inevitably follow a B&B. Zoning minutes are unavailable on Allentown's improved (?) web page, so I have no knowledge whether any of them formally opposed the special exception. QCD does tell us, without comment, that Bennett's wish was granted on December 3.

Was Bennett concerned that a mugging outside her home might make zoners hesitate? Did she think a robbery outside her B&B might be bad for business?

I have no answers to these questions. This is sheer speculation, but I can't help wondering. She did have one reason to stay off that phone - her B&B.
Thursday Evening Update: This post originally contained a google map showing the location of the assault and its proximity to Hotel Traylor. I've deleted it because it makes the blog too slow to load.


Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

Geez, it's 2pm and no comments on this posting? Bernie, I simply can't let you hanging.

I have no idea why Sam didn't call 911. Only Sam can understand that decision as she was the only individual in such position. All I can do is read about how she chose to handle the situation,and pretty much without malice.

I do realize you prefer Mr. Dent to represent our district. So do I.

My personal working experience with Sam, and my analysis of her career, leads me to believe Sam has a problem with being held accountable. She's a job-hopper, a glad-handing opportunist.

That said, I admire Sam for stepping-up to the plate and putting herself out there.

Bottom line, for me, Sam will be a strong candidate, simply because the next election will be about eliminating anything and everything Republican.

Should Sam lose this bid, she'll be just fine. She's poised to receive a cushy job in Washington. The bed and breakfast thing will be a sideline activity while Sam & Family live elsewhere. Right now, it's virtually impossible to sell that property for anything other than a loss.

My advice to Charlie Dent . . .

don't take this challenge lightly. You could be stung!

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

The B&B decision seemed as pre-ordained as any decision I've seen with the Zoning Board. There was no point in objecting - you could see where this was going from the start.

Sam's husband even handed out a 4-5 page narrative about all the "great things" they have done to the property and how making it a B&B would allow others to enjoy the former Benner home.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Retired ASD teach,

Some very good advice to Congressman Dent, to be sure. I suspect he is taking it.

As far as Bennett's motives, we'll never really know. Perhaps it's something as innocent just thinking ther matter is over. Perhaps a misunderstanding. Perhaps a B&B.

Oh, for Pete's sake! said...

Whatever her reason for not calling the police, if Ms. Bennett had done so perhaps the investigation would have benefited from having a well-known personality in Allentown associated with it. Just maybe it would have given the case more weight and attention.

The victim also said he has since seen the perpetrator at the nearby (next door?) Hotel Traylor, so it seems that a dangerous criminal might still loose in the general vicinity. That's not exactly a plus for any of her potential B&B guests, is it? Over the long or short haul, her inaction has potential serious consequences for others.

Motives aside, Ms. Bennett's involvement in this incident shows poor judgment and on-the-spot decision making skills, leaves questions as to her motives and doesn't really display good leadership skills.

hayshaker said...

I don't know how a mugging would effect a zoning decision but what I find even more ridiculous is the notion of a three room bed and breakfast causing a "parking problem."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is Sam's approach to crime, in general. I've attempted to wish things away, too. But I'm not running for Congress, and I don't believe it's an effective approach to fighting crime.

Anonymous said...

Hayshaker --

Live in a city much. Parking is always at a premium.

What's more ridiculous is the concept of a bed and breakfast with a lovely view of the Hotel Traylor.

I wonder if she isn't ultimately planning on trying to turn the place into an apartment house.

Anonymous said...

Has it been determined that she did not call police or simply did not call 911?

Most active Allentown residents know to use the non emergency number 90% of the time. While I think this would have been more than just cause for a 911 call she may have felt differently.

Anonymous said...

. . . also one should check the city and county 911 centers before concluding she did not call.

A call from her home would go to the city but a call from her cell phone most likely would be directed to the county.

There are to many variables to determine if she called or not.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Has it been determined that she did not call police or simply did not call 911?"

You are asking a question that has already been answered. According to two statments made by Bennett herself, she did not call. We have this - "I was not the one who called the dispatcher." and this - "I wish that I had known what was really happening, because in that event I would have called the police."

In addition, the police informed Mr. A that no call had been made. She simply made no call for whatever reason.

Oh, for Pete's sake! said...

Anon 9:21/9:23,
There is no need to check any call records. There are no variables. Ms. Bennett herself said she did not place the call, in two different statements. Use the links provided in the original post to read the facts, or read both her statements here. This corroborates the story that she never called for help, as the victim and the police say.

You can find doubt in a dubious motive as to why she did not call the police, but there is no doubt as to the fact that she called no one for help that morning.

Anonymous said...

To call or not to call? That is the question.

Whether tis nobler to watch my elderly newspaper delivery man beaten

Than suffer the slings and arrows shot at my two outrageous versions of what happened

Or to don my red dress and oh so perfect string of pearls against a sea of questions about the plastic rakes I hand out

And by standing and doing nothing, so end my campaign. Ah, to sleep (it was 4:30 AM afterall) to dream.

Bad Sam-let Act 1, Scene 1

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Morning Call ended up not renewing the contract of their abused carrier?


Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr. A told me today that no one bothered him today, which had me concerned.

Anonymous said...

"Why Didn't Sam Bennett Dial 9-1-1?"
Probably for the same reason Bernie O'Hare didn't file the briefs on time for the worker who died and whose family didn't get compensation. Any answer to that Bernie?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, I have no idea what you're talking about. There is certainly no question I was negligent as an attorney and that hurt many people. I certainly did deserve to lose my license. But I fail to see what relevance this has, unless you're suggesting that Sam Bennett is negligent herself, as bad as an attorney who loses his license. It's a good way to attack me, but a bad way to defend her.

Anonymous said...

Who are you to continually attack her without exposing yourself? You're a loser!

Oh, for Pete's sake! said...

Anon 2:34,

Mr. O'Hare has a political blog. Ms. Bennett is a public figure running for U.S. Congress in Mr. O'Hare's district. It's no surprise he is writing about her. As for his past, he has been pretty forthcoming with the sordid details in several previous posts. It's no secret. He doesn't seem to hide anything, while Ms. Bennett (or S.Loizeaux-Bennett, and she used in the zoning documents) seems to be less than forthcoming about a lot of things. One thing is clear, however. She is not the victim here. Her 78-year-old newspaper carrier is. All the people who might be mugged by his assailant since the attack may be too.

What if it were you who were mugged right outside Ms. Bennett's home, and she didn't call the police (as you asked her to), then proceeded to publicly offer two different versions of events that are strangely inconsistent and, by your own account, false? If that happened to you, I hope that someone like Mr. O'Hare might take up your cause and help you find justice, too.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Who are you to continually attack her without exposing yourself? You're a loser!

I exposed myself the moment I began blogging two years ago and allowed anonymous personal attacks like those coming from you.

My past is my past and I make no effort to hide it and people should consider that in deciding whether to believe what I write. I have made many mistakes, and my entire life has been a succession of errors.

That's how I learn.

But I'm not "attacking" Sam Bennett. I'm merely asking why she did not call the police.