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Friday, May 09, 2008

Bennett's Post-Oil World

Lehigh Valley Congressional candidate Sam Bennett details her plans for the inevitable post-oil world by stating, on her web page, that she will push to "enact a crash program of alternative energy development and commercialization, including wind, biomass, hydrogen, solar, and water power. These programs will help us become masters of own destiny and create hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs, many right here at home."

Question: What is your take on America's energy situation? What would you like to see as our goals? As oil and our economy are so intertwined, how can government prod the private sector? Do you support domestic oil drilling? What about mass transit possibilities? Did you ever sign onto the LV passenger rail petition? Will you endorse plans like the Bush Cheney's Energy Bill, which provides corporate welfare to Big Oil even though it already makes $Billions of profit per quarter?

"This is where Congress has been myopic and short-sighted. Congressman Dent has been uniquely myopic and short-sighted. We should position ourselves as leaders of green technology. Why can't SUNOCO become a leader in wind technology? Why not PPL in solar energy? We need to enter into a post-Sputnik technology. This is a very proper role for federal government. Incentivize! Invest!"

Question: How about domestic oil drilling?

"I'm against oil drilling in environmentally sensitive areas. We should instead be readying ourselves for alternative energy."

Question: How about the movement for rail service in the Lehigh Valley? Or widening Route 22?

"I am in favor of light rail. Widening Route 22 bears further discussion, but studies have shown that widening highways results in more traffic."

Question: What's you stance on nuclear energy? Don't we NEED to be a leader like France? (France has 59 nuclear plants in their country that provide nearly 80% of their total power. As a result, electricity costs in France are among the lowest in Europe. At the same time, France’s carbon emissions are less than 1/10 of neighboring Germany.)

"Nuclear energy has to be looked at. It represents a solution that existed a decade ago. But we are an ingenious and calculating people! We should always be at the leading edge of the next thing. This will also create a steady stream of jobs. Let other nations follow us. Lobbyists with vested interests have taken over Washington. The Bush administration has even put them in key positions."


Bob said...
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Bob said...

This woman knows nothing about energy. For example, are we to stick a windmill, a solar collector, ethanol in our fuel tanks. Hydrogen, would be great but how do we make it (currently by electrolysis or natural gas either of which you get far less energy out than the energy necessary to make it). Ethanol use will greatly diminish food stocks.
We have billions of barrels of oil in this country and uninformed individuals like Bennett stay on the same old tired argument of we can't drill here.
If Ms Bennett gets elected we will have the most uninformed legislator in congress.
I just hope I am never mugged in front of her house. (By the way where was her husband when all of the subject mugging was going on?)

hayshaker said...

Nuclear energy has to be looked at. It represents a solution that existed a decade ago

Wha? A decade ago was 1998.

hayshaker said...

To be fair, drilling should not be our only plan nor should we begin drilling until absolutely necessary. I don't believe we've reached that point and answers can only be gotten by a massive investment in energy research.

There is no reason we aren't doing more with nuclear energy however.