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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trump's Homeland Security Pick Has Quakertown Roots

Tom Bossert, President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Homeland Security, has local roots. He was raised in Quakertown, and graduated from high school there in 1993. A reader who graduated with Bossert describes him as a "decent student but really seemed to excel after High School." He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and also has a law degree from George Washington University. He previously served President Bush as a Homeland Security Deputy.

In contrast to the current arrangement, in which the Homeland Security Adviser reports to the National Security Adviser, Bossert will report to the President.


Anonymous said...

He reports to Trump? God help us all. I hope Trump has time to listen. Maybe between 1 am and 2 am, when he isn't tweeting.

george schaller said...

With any luck in this draw of federal DOJ head being from pa, he may be picking up were pa state attorney general promised to prosecute pa's corruption as a whole! Good goverance is a much needed tool for the nation to begin to pick up the pieces of the desemation design implemented for a long long time!
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