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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

No Glass Ceiling in Bethlehem Tp, Sez Female Manager

Santa Wright
Jackie Gilligan is the new Director at Bethlehem Township Community Center. I ran into her early Friday evening, when I was assigned to photograph kids making gingerbread houses. She was getting all the goodies ready, and I complained inappropriately that I got "stuck" with this gig.

"Stuck? Oh that's right. You cover politics and other boring stuff."

When she's right, she's right. I actually did have fun, but not as much as the kids and their parents participating in this annual tradition.

Well, Jackie will be happy to know that her name came up at the December 5 Commissioners' meeting, which involves politics and other boring stuff.

After a hiatus of about a year, feisty Santa Wright was there. She noted that the salary for the Director at the Community Center last year was $81,679, but now it's only $66,950.

"I know that the person who was the Director at the Community Center was a guy, and now it's a lady -

"That has nothing to do with where you're going," interrupted Mike Hudak,who happens to be a male, with a laugh.

"Let me finish my question," continued Wright. "It's 81% of the salary of a man who had the same job. It's a legitimate question. So I'd like to know why that is."

Manager Melissa Shafer, who happens to be a female, fielded this question. She said she did the interviews and that the salary is commensurate with Jackie's experience. She indicated that the person that Jackie replaced, Floyd Shaffer, had 30 years of experience running community centers and nonprofit agencies. This is a new role for Jackie. Shafer also indicated that Jackie lobbied for raises for the full-time employees at the time of her promotion.

I don't think Santa bought it. If Jackie's salary is still $66,950 after five years, I'll agree. Not now. But I love that she raised the question.


Anonymous said...

This is why Hillary Clinton lost the election. Give it a rest!

Anonymous said...

So the next township manager will have a salary in the $50's and when all existing department heads retire or get thrown in jail, can we expect to see the new staffer salary at real starting salaries?

Unknown said...

The former director would have probably worked himself to the top of the pay range for that position. A new employee would expect to start at the bottom, unless he/she brought tons of pertinent experience to the job. This could easily explain the"discrepancy."

Unknown said...
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