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Friday, December 09, 2016

NorCo's New Webpage Mangles Sheriff Sale List

Earlier his week, I told you about problems at Northampton County's new website. Ostensibly designed to bring government closer to the people it serves, it's had an opposite effect. Though some of the obvious problems have been corrected, it is still functioning poorly.
  • Over the past few days, I have received several reports that people are unable to access the page. I noticed this problem myself on Tuesday, but not since then. But several of my friends have had access issues all week. Are they right? According to Is it Down?, there is insufficient date to answer that question.     
  • The Sheriff Sale list was completely mangled online. Executive John Brown decided early on in his administration that he would stop printing Sheriff Sale lists because they are published online.. A Sheriff's Sale is scheduled for today, but the website has completely mangled the list. It has been listing properties that have already been sold, and has loaded old sale lists.The, ten minutes later, the correct list appears. I have noticed this problem myself, and it has been reported to me by several potential bidders who rely on the website to tell them if a property is going to sale or has been postponed.  
  • At the old page, a link to the elections office was listed under "county government."Also, there was a direct link to election results on the homepage for at least one or two months following an election.   That direct link is now gone. So is a link to the elections office under county government. To find the elections office, you have to click on "County Administration," and then you have to click on a link called "Conduct of Elections."  This office,which really is not part of the County Administration,should be listed separately under "county government."


Anonymous said...

Bernie, the website still does not work right! I could not get council meeting online yesterday, there was no agenda posted, and the Gracedale stuff is all mangled up. It is worse than before! I can't get on with my tablet, and could before! This administration just works in a vacuum! I hope it can be fixed!

Anonymous said...

Why not just go down to the IT dept and shit on their desks? There are always going to be functional problems with a new site as large as theirs.

This looks to me like an IT department left to build a website without guidance or input from people that know how it should be organized.

Anonymous said...

Let's give Cathy Allen another promotion. Maybe she can fix it.

Anonymous said...

Check out the courts page, shows retired staff from years ago!