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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Nazareth Police Officer Commended For Emergency Delivery

Officer Schleig with the
two lives he saved.  
A few weeks ago, I told you that Nazareth Police Officer Stephen Schleig conducted an emergency delivery, on election day, of a healthy baby girl. Last night, he received a well-deserved letter of commendation from Nazareth Borough Council.

This is the second time Schleig has been commended. The first was for his quick action in saving the life of a 54 year-old man, Jeff Fogel, who had gone into cardiac arrest.

Here's what Schleig himself has to say on his Facebook page:
Well, I've been honored again tonight and have received a second letter of commendation award for saving another life. This time with the delivery of an new born baby girl. What's really cool is that my friend Mr. Fogel who I had the honor being able to help the first time I received a letter of commendation award, was able to be there tonight. I will forever be bound to these two until the day I take my last breath. God Bless you both.
Even better is the comment he received from Fogel's daughter Amber:
I will forever be grateful for you saving my dads life! Ill never forget how composed you were and how great of a job you and the rest of the ambulance teams did to bring him back to life! It's a blessing to know you! Such a wonderful man! Glad to have you protecting and caring for everyone you meet!
This is the guy that Nazareth Borough Council tried to run out of town.


Unknown said...

Good Job to this Officer 2 thumbs up...

Anonymous said...

It's about time something sensible comes out of Borough Council.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Ahhhh. This YOUNG MAN is what Nazareth needs, but he has not been kissing somebody's ring. This is terrific- I love Nazareth and wish I lived there. Well good for this young man that he preforms like a pro-protector.- I will give him and offer him free of charge -Range time to give him advanced combat skills well above what the police academy has as criteria.. Bernie this is an officer we should celebrate, not abuse. Have him call me .

Anonymous said...

a true humanitarian with a level of integrity that has been all to seldom passed in life within the valley today! I am very sure the joy of the people touched by this man is not even compairable to the gift he himself feels and is most deffinatly very modest about the matters!
REpublican redd
no party favor whatsoever despite zipcode