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Friday, December 09, 2016

Prominent Community Organizer Alan Jennings Injured in Auto Accident

Alan Jennings, outspoken Executive Director at Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley (CACLV), was injured in an automobile accident in Bethlehem yesterday. The accident occurred on Center Street in Bethlehem when the driver of another car lost control of his vehicle and Jennings hit him.

Jennings suffered a broken sternum and thumb. The driver of the other vehicle was removed using the "Jaws of Life." The extent of his injuries are unknown and hopefully not too severe. .

Though he and I have been on the opposite sides of many issues over the years, and as recently as Wednesday night, I really admire and respect Alan. He is one of the Lehigh Valley's pioneers, along with Jeff Parks and Tony Hanna.

Alan Jennings referred to Ed Pawlowski as a "fighter" in his remarks on Wednesday night to Allentown City Council. I view Fed Ed as more of a bully. Jennings is a fighter. Though he's forced to raise money from the rich and powerful, which drives me nuts, he really has been a tireless advocate for those with no friends on the inside. He's made himself that friend, and we are that much better with people like him around.

Get well, Alan.

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Updated 3:30 pm: Details on the accident itself are at Lehigh Valley Live, though Alan is unnamed. Based on the pictures, he's very lucky to be alive. As readers can finally see for themselves, he does not drive a red Porsche.