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Monday, November 24, 2014

Are You Ready For Wednesday?

Map above is from Eastern PA Weather Authority. Unfortunately, they were on the nose last year. I'm still recovering from last Winter. Couldn't come at a worse time, either, for those who are on the road.


Anonymous said...

3" max!

monkey momma said...

I've got toilet paper, beer and Doritos. The Monkey family is set. :)

Anonymous said...

We all know that bad weather in what ever season is caused by the commie/fascist/socialist Islam loving Kenya Obama.

Now lets move on to a more interesting topic.

Anonymous said...

Fear-monger much?

Anonymous said...

Oh no!

Another Weather Emergency Disaster Crisis Catastrophe!!!

Good thing we have President Obama and Big Government to save us from certain doom.

Anonymous said...

Whoa daddy! The Witch of West Easton better get her camera batteries charged so she can take more "evidence" pictures that purport to show she couldn't receive mail from the court. That ruse worked out so well last time.

Anonymous said...

Is the Rav4 4WD Bernie? That should make things easier for you.