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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why Has Hanover Tp (Lehigh County) Lost So Many People?

They've all moved to Hanover Township (Northampton County).

Last night, I was at the last presentation being made by Envision Lehigh Valley with the $3 million HUD grant received for "sustainable communities", which translated means they want everyone living in the cities. I'm glad I waited because they had tons of free food and I even got a tote bag. In honor of Nazareth, there were dozens of cupcakes, too.

I got caught up with demographics, as you can see in this story and the two below.

Hanover Township - Lehigh County is depicted on one of many graphs as the only community in the Lehigh Valley to have lost over 15% of its home ownership over the past ten years.


According to Lehigh Valley Planning Commission Community Director Scott McAfee, it's lost 50% of its population. A large mobile home park which once straddled Airport Road is now the site of a shopping center with a Panera Bread.


Anonymous said...

Loss of the mobile home park and the transition of many of its high density homes near its municipal building into rental units. Its only traditional one family dwellings are concentrated off of Pennsylvania Avenue at the City of Bethlehem line. That Township is so heavily commercialized that it does not even have a municipal real estate tax!

Pipeline Guy said...

I also suspect it has to do with the loss of the Witko trailer park and the fact that the township had so few housing units to start with.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Well, you get a gold star today bc that is what LVPC thinks.