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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Adult DayCare Bringing 50 Jobs to Hanover Township

An adult day care is coming to Hanover Township, and bringing 50 full-time jobs with it. North Star Construction's Jim Gentile sketch plans for the $5 million project, located at 3365 High Point Boulevard, received a favorable reception from Supervisors at their November 25 meeting.  A proposed 25,000 sq ft facility, located on a four acre lot. will be able to handle up to 150 clients. Like most day cares, this will be a nonresidential center.

Gentile predicts it will be operational by this time next year.

In addition to the adult day care, Gentile is considering a 48-unit Alzheimer Center, but is still considering several sites. He also reported that business is picking up. "In 2008, I had 100 properties and my phone didn't ring for four years," he reported. "Now the phone is ringing off the hook."

In other business, Joseph Moeser was unanimously appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board. Supervisors' Chair John Diacogiannis urged residents interested in planning or zoning issues to apply for openings on the Planning Commission or Zoning Hearing Board.

Supervisors also learned that Hanover Garden Center, located at 2720 Jacksonville Road, has been sold and will be replaced with a plumbing business. Though the change in use "sounds OK" to Diacogiannnis, he and the other four Supervisors unanimously authorized their Solicitor and Engineer to attend the zoning hearing on the change of use, "just in case."

Supervisors also adopted a new noise ordinance and have authorized the advertising of a new permit fee schedule for processions and parades in the Township.

Public Works Director Vince Milite, who was in the midst of preparing the Township for its first major Winter storm of the season, was absent. Township Manager Jay Finnigan quipped, "The good news is we have salt!"


Anonymous said...

Is it true Ken Mohr helped set this deal up?

Anonymous said...

Bo, are you going to do a story on Easton approving the commuter tax last night?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, for Friday. I have an idea.

Anonymous said...

somewhere for jay to hang out

Anonymous said...

If Brown, Allen and Campos were enrolled in adult day care it might keep them out of trouble and be cheaper in the long run.