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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hanover Township Stays "On Target" For Another No-Tax-Hike Budget

Bella Vista Estates resident
"On target" is a term that Hanover Supervisors like to use with each other in discussing various projects. Their no-tax-hike budget for next year remains on target, too. At their November 11 meeting, Supervisors authorized advertising the budget for a vote at their December 16 meeting. The last time there was a tax increase was in 2008.

Supervisors also voted too authorize Manager Jay Finnigan to pay off a note for the Community Center a year early. That 27,000 sq ft facility first opened in 2006, with the goal of providing residents with quality educational and recreational programs. It was built with no outside support. Finnigan estimated that paying off the note a year early will save the township approximately $20,000 in interest payments.

In other business, Durector of Administration Ryan Kish warned that PPL is replacing the towers on its Siegfried Quarry Line, which goes through the township. About ten towers will be replaced, starting in Spring 2016.

Supervisors also heard from Attorney Eric Schock, representing DTC Innovation Way. This company, which tests and then ships medical devices, needs a larger storage room for its lab and office. It is proposing to use 20,000 sq ft of its 67,0000 sq ft facility for storage, but needs authorization from the Zoning Hearing Board. After hearing what is being planned, Supervisors decided against sending a representative to the Zoning Board to argue either for or against the project.

Supervisor Jack Nagle then interrupted to tell everyone he attended the Library Board meeting the previous evening. "It wasn't much of a meeting and I have nothing to report," he said, as Supervisors teased him.

They were about to end the meeting when an unidentified resident in the back of the room, who lives in Bella Vista Estates. stood up to compliment Finnigan, Public Works director Vince Milite and other Township employees.

Some weeks ago, a confused tractor trailer truck operator was so lost that he ended up driving right into this resident's front yard.  he had knocked out as telephone pole and the resident's cistern, to say nothing of tress and shrubbery.

"It's not often I get a tractor trailer in my front yard," he said, but went on to thank Finnigan and the others for their prompt response and reaction to a potentially dangerous situation.

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