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Monday, November 03, 2014

Basilio Bonilla: Because Village Idiots Need a Voice in CityGovernment, Too

Basilio Bonilla is seeking an appointment to Karen Dolan's seat on Bethlehem City Council. I know they'd like to have more diversity in their ranks. This is their chance to select the Village Idiot.

Last week, I posted a poorly-written fundraising missive that Bethlehem School Director Basilio Bonilla recently sent to suckers constituents. But that's nothing. Get a load of this 2012 epistle.

Amazingly, he won. We really do get the government we deserve.

His record of absences has been called into question by another school director,  He's also been stripped of all committee posts after his goofy complaint to Allentown School District, in which Bonilla misrepresented that he was speaking on behalf of a Hispanic group.

If City Council is interested in continuing the tradition of unethical behavior championed by Dolan, he's their man.

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