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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bethlehem Tp Monthly Report Highlights

Once every month, the Bethlehem Township Commissioners' Agenda contains an item entitled "Acceptance of Monthly Reports." These are reports by different department heads and are accepted without comment. I've been bugging Township Manager Melissa Shafer to start making these available, and she did. Each report is posted prominently on a bulletin board. I love these reports because they provide a perspective from the people who do the work. Here are some October highlights:.

- Officer Pat Brehm has begun his Act 120 training at Montgomery County Police Academy.
- All officers have completed their semi-annual firearms training and qualification.
- Two officers have been re-certified as TASER instructors.
- There were 71 traffic accidents involving 137 vehicles and 13 injuries.
- 186 traffic citations and 202 warnings were issued.
- There were 33 misdemeanor/felony arrests, 19 summary arrests and 3 DUIs.

Public Works
- Old mulch at Comer Park has been replaced with certified playground mulch.
- New outdoor fitness stations are being installed at Municipal Park.

Community Center
- Breakfast with the Elves takes place on December 12 at 9:30 am.
- Gingerbread Houses will be built on December 12 at  5 pm.


Anonymous said...

Thank you sir
A step toward open government

Anonymous said...

Excellent. That's what they need on their fancy new website. And to not hide the boc agenda and minutes... buried pretty deep

Anonymous said...

Echoing the other commenters - this really does show the work of departments and the people working in them. Bernie, great idea to add this. Melissa, thanks for making this available. Encourage your department heads to include more!

Anonymous said...

Busier pd than i thought