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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Northampton County Graduates Third Citizens' Academy

Citizens' Academy grads
Most of you know your Mayor or Township Supervisors. You see city, borough and township government every day. They provide the police who patrol the streets and fix your roads after a winter of snow. But few of you know anything about County government. Yet it is this government that gives you both your wedding license and divorce. This is where people go to get their passport or hunting license. This is the government that cares for abused and neglected children, seniors with nowhere to go and mentally distraught people. It fixes your bridges. It makes sure that, when you pump a gallon of gas, you really get a gallon. It handles the cases brought to them by police. It helps local municipalities attract new business. Thanks to the Northampton County Citizens' Academy, nine people have a better understanding of just how government works. They were honored at the November 20 meeting of County Council as the third graduating class.

This year's class went through 20 hours of lectures, listening to 37 speakers over the course of 10 weeks.

Last year's graduates included Glenn Geissinger and Mat Benol, both of whom are now members of Northampton County Council. Former Council member Ladd Siftar called it "a great idea." He added, "I wish I had thought of it 20 years ago."

The graduates: Katie Crowell, Nancy Jones, Christopher Lynn, Sherrie McNicoll, Sandi Meuir, Mona Rodriguez, Victor Schmidt, Eileen Segal and Jeannene Smith.


Anonymous said...

How does an interested Northampton County resident like me get chosen for the next Citizens' Academy? Where do I call to sign up?

Bernie O'Hare said...

It was poorly advertised. I will post about it next year.

Anonymous said...

Learning how government works from some of these clowns, would make my IQ decline. John Brownpants knows NOTHING about good government. Never did, never will.

Anonymous said...

It was created a propaganda play. Worthless unless you value government types justifying taxes.