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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

NorCo's March Deed Transfers Show Modest Gain, But Still Below Average

Over the past five years, Northampton County's real estate transfers have declined forty-six per cent. February was particularly bad, the worst month on record since 1983.

But in March, there was a modest gain of real estate transfers, 10% more than in 2009. Before breaking out the party favors, this is still 22% below the average March over the past 14 years.

Are we heading in the right direction? Tune in next month.

Below are March's deed transfers over the last 14 years.

2010 - 513 deeds; 2009 - 466 deeds; 2008 -544 deeds; 2007 - 667 deeds; 2006 - 877 deeds; 2005 - 860 deeds; 2004 - 778 deeds; 2003 - 681 deeds; 2002 - 670 deeds; 2001 - 639 deeds; 2000 - 645 deeds; 1999- 717 deeds; 1998 - 673 deeds; 1997 - 498 deeds.


Anonymous said...

This is the continuing legacy of the Stoffa collapse in Northampton County.

It will still be over three years before our County Nightmare is over.

Once we rid ourselves of Stoffa and Angle we can begin a period of stable life in the County

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

And people wonder why we are in recession.

Anonymous said...

it's a 10% gain over 2009. I would call that more than modest. It is bad in the conext of recent history, but it shows improvement. Perhaps in the search for good news I will take what I can find, as small as it might be.

I am really concerned about the state of the LV's economy. Our unemployment rate is higher than the national average. Our biggest sector (real estate based activity) has clearly been served up a sizeable decline in value. Our service sector growth is below that national rate of growth.

The nature of our regional economy has to change from being dominated by real estate growth to being an economy that is built on innovation and research.