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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ron Angle Has a Bad Night

When my son screwed up at something, he learned at a very age to just call me and tell me about it, instead of letting me find out about it from his mother or sister or a teacher. I can still remember those calls.

"Hi, Dad," he'd start, always very cheerful. Then he'd work his way into his problem. "I did not have a very good day today, Dad," he'd confess.

I admit I always liked that. He was telling me that he was basically a good person and trying, but goofed. It was impossible for me to get angry, even when he once cut off his sister's eyebrows and all of her hair.

"But I did a really good job!" was his defense.

Yesterday, Northampton County Bulldog Ron Angle cut off his sister's eyebrows and all of her hair. He had a bad day. Up until now, he's been terrific as Council President. But he stumbled badly last night, and over what really amounts to a minor matter.

First, he tried tabling a new union contract with corrections officers because County Council's Solicitor had no time to review it. Never mind that it had already been reviewed by a battery of lawyers. Eventually, the County Council and County Solicitors met in some back room to discuss the pertinent provisions while the rest of the meeting continued. When they both returned, Council quickly approved this contract.

Had Council actually tabled this contract, corrections officers and their union could have demanded binding arbitration or might have even claimed this was an unfair labor practice. Angle was treading on very thin ice last night.

But the real problem arose with a request from District Attorney John Morganelli. He has a staffer he'd like to upgrade a notch. Human Resources agrees. This worker will get a $900 raise, and the DA has the money in his own budget to pay her.

This seems noncontroversial, but at Wednesday's Personnel Committee, Angle questioned the entire process. The County Exec proposes all raises at one time when he presents his budget. Why should a DA's worker be any different, he asked. That's certainly a fair question, but it's unfair to an employee who might have to wait 15 months for a raise that everyone agrees she deserves.

Angle did everything he could to stop this from happening. The worker involved, along with a union rep, came to last night's council meeting. McHale called on them to speak, but Angle refused to allow that, noting they had not signed in on the Courtesy of the Floor sheet. After the meeting, Angle stated that they had called before the meeting, and he was willing to place them on the agenda, but they did not want that. He felt they had forfeited the right to speak.

I think what troubled him more than anything is that Council member Ann McHale called on this worker to come forward. She stated Angle's Presidency is a mere formality, and that any Council member may call on someone to speak. When Angle refused to let that happen, McHale told the worker, "I hope you file a grievance."

Angle also told McClure, whose wife works for the DA, that he should abstain. McClure declined to do that, and rightfully so. This matter does not benefit him or his wife financially.

Eventually, Angle abstained from voting himself. Really, he should have abstained from the entire discussion. It's no secret he's both upset and hurt by the litigation DA John Morganelli has filed against him, testing his right to be both a school board and county council member. His abstention last night is a concession that his dispute with the DA has become personal.

Overall, he has been outstanding as Council Prez. He's been able to control them and be fair about it, too. Some of the audience still gave him an "A" because "he tells it like it is," But last night, he slipped. He knows it, too.

He had a bad day.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have to say - that's almost poetic - in it's own, twisted, "I drank the Drano" sort of way.

Don't you have kittens to torture or something?

Maybe you should plan a trip to the Louisiana Petroleum and Shrimp Festival. I understand you like the deep-fried stuff.

---Ms. Stoneknocker

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'll bet 1:32 AM was typing with only one hand.

Anonymous said...

Angle was completely out of order. I watched the video and he thinks he is a czar. He screwed up motion after motion on parliamentary procedure. He claimed setting bad precedents that have been done for over twenty years.

He blew it big time. He was trying to protect and help his hand picked puppper Stoffa but he came off as an inept oaf.

Browning will kiss the Lehigh County government Center cornerstone twice.


Anonymous said...

leadership is hard stuff. Ron is findign this out the hardest way possible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1) To 1:32 AM - I see you have the command of the Queen's English and the mindset of a four year old.

2) To BO - I thought you were going to delete the vile attacks, such as 1:32 AM. I don't appreciate sharing that filth with my family. Your retort was not much better than his statement.

3) That is not going to be Ron Angle's first mistake, nor will it be his last.

Anonymous said...

Duplicity. Again.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Let us concern ourselves with parliamentary procedure. After all, they were elected to sit behind their nameplates and show us how well they know the rules.

I suppose it is better to get raped on silk sheets than cotton.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like Stoffa got a down arrow for civility with his comments about allentown and Angle got a down arrow for leading council. who gets an up arrow this week?

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:39, All caps is inpolite. And if you accuse someone of hypocricy, you should spell it right.

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:52, I ordinarily do delete vile attacks, especially when they are directed at a third person. I did not delete Anon 1:32 because they were pretty much directed at Angle and I, someone responded to him pretty quickly and I kinda' liked the way the response was written. My main consern about leaving it there was that is is pretty vile and I know some students read this blog. I decided to leave it there just this once bc, in a way, it's educational. If someone makes a vile attack like that, the commenter is the person who looks bad.

As far as my own resposne to it is concerned, I'll agreee it's juvenile, but I'm human and tend to be offended by slams like that. I'll take responsibility for my words. Maybe I had a bad day, too.

Anonymous said...

Angle has been irritable lately. Time to go back on his meds.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:13,

I gave Stoffa no down arrow. Perhaps you did, but I think he was being honest and saying how he and most people feekl about A-town. if that upsets Pawlowski, too bad. Not everybody buys his power points.

I suppose I did give Ron a down arrow. He's my friend and I know how hard he works, but he blew it last night, probably bc he should have stayd away from the matter involving the DA's budget.

I'd give LC Comm'rs Chair an up arrow for taking the time out to attend a NC Council meeting. He got to meet with several members and, of course, Stoffa. He is building bridges between the two counties, and something small like that can pay big dividends in terms of inter-county cooperation.

BY seeing NC Council in action at a poorly run meeting, he can see for himself what they do that's wrong and ehat they do that's right, and then implement those ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hypoc-racy, I like that word. Good to use for a sexually toned diatribe. But all caps is impolite? Compared to what? Weird

Anonymous said...

I like Ron Angle, but sometimes he reminds me of Hitler. Like in the picture you have of him. Maybe that's why.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, when is the video from last night's council meeting going to be posted? I know it takes some time to prepare but it should be up there fairly quickly.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:32, that is how we expect civilized elected officials to conduct themselves. Would you rather things be run like a knife fight in a parking lot. Of course you wouldn't like that because we already know how Angle would react. He runs for the Hills, when personally confronted as does most schoolyard bullies.

Angle was a disgrace last night. He lied about promotion precedent and not allowing employees to speak was just wrong. When his boy Stoffa was not Executive, Angle would scream to let anyone talk.

Truly, a two faced cowardly hypocrite.


Anonymous said...

1:32 you have insulted the gay community. I don't think Bernie is worthy of anything close.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 1:28, The tape should be up by Monday or even now.

Anonymous said...

Rumors in courthouse is that Judge Franciosa will announce ruling soon.It is being typed. If Angle loses this, he will really be in a bind. He should have resigned one office when he had the chance. If he wins, good for him. But if he loses, he will have a court order, removing him from County Council, and he can cry all he wants to but it will be bad for him. He has not been looking good lately.

Anonymous said...

Hey BO whats up with Ronny boy and his lawsuit against his fathers estate is just another ploy to get the money if the judge rules against his will forgery,by the way did you read the article about the suitwhere he states he was psycologically injured,what a bunch of crap,if he has a psycological problem how can he possibly do a good job as county council pres,and represent the people from his district,RONNY ANGLE (THE BULLDOG MY ASS)IT SHOULD BE RONNY ANGLE THE BULLSHITER!!!!!!!!!!!