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Friday, April 16, 2010

What is John Callahan Running for Anyway?

VP Joe Biden thinks Callahan is running for the Senate, not Congress.

President Obama is even more confused.


Anonymous said...


House or senate it doesn't really matter because with the Dem's they are currently all team players.
In that regard does it matter whether Callahan is a moderate/Marxist/socialist/Trotskyite...if once in office he just follows orders?

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dick? Dick Cheney? Is that you? Did someone forget to lock Dick's door again? come on in Dick, tonight you get pudding.

Dicks nurse

Anonymous said...

Obama without his teleprompter sounds like a retarded drunk who's just smoked a joint.

Biden sounds like that all the time.

These cunning linguists make GW and Dan Quayle sound like the greatest orators of our time.

It's nice to have a media that covers your daily embarrassing moments. They've occurred in all 57 or 58 states, and even in front of Marine corpses.

At least Callahan, or whatever his name is, didn't ask Obama to use that awesome girl throw to toss the first pitch at a Pigs game.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's wrong with retarded drunks who smoke joints? That's my kinda people!

Anonymous said...

Am I banned? That post at 7:24 is tougher than mine that never made it through moderation.

Anonymous said...

The 7:24 post kicked ass and took names.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I do not moderate and have not deleted anything on this thread. I will say I don't like to see the word "retarded" used her, or the disparagement of people who may have mental challenges. I don't want to get all prissy about it, but think the point could be made w/o using that kind of terminology.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got that, for my post on the other thread. Your call, of course.

I asked about it here because it said my comment had been saved, registered in the comment total, but never got there. I know it wasn't deleted after the fact, or it would have said so.

Anonymous said...

lame and childish....what you did not have in the clip was the VP saying he just got off the phone with Harry Reid which is why he had made the gaffe, who said try and recruit him for senate in the future.....

Mistakes are made in general speech all the time, unless you stick to the exact wording and talking points that is...this is a joke of a post.

I get it though, see the Dem party should stick to the rep talking point.....No (even Dent couldn't screw that up, though I sure wish he would)

Bernie O'Hare said...

been saved, registered in the comment total, but never got there. I know it wasn't deleted after the fact, or it would have said so."

No I can delete a comment completely, as though it never had been posted at all. In fact, that's my preferred way to delete.

But I deleted nothing on this thread.

This sometimes happens to me, too. I will post a comment and it never appears or is delayed. If you have made no anonymous attack at a reader and have stayed on topis, then I'm sorry your post did not make it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Try to recruit him for the senate in the future? To run against Casey in two years or Toomey in six? No I’m sorry this excuse just doesn’t hold water. Biden has earned his reputation as a gaffe machine and burnishes it daily.
If gaffes were the worst that Team Obama inflicted on America we could all laugh it off.

Scott Armstrong

(His attempt to comment did not appear, so he sent me an email w/ his comment abd I am posting it for him.)

Anonymous said...

I thinl Bernie O'Hare and Armstrong are the same person.

Allentown Democrat Voter

Anonymous said...

Biden made an error and tried to cover with a joke...for anyone to take it seriously is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you are the only person living that I think is retarded.

Anonymous said...

Ohare has been ordered by Angle and Stoffa to lay off of Callahan. The last thing Angle and Stoffa want is for team Callahan to tell the secrets about old honest John.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Biden made an error and tried to cover with a joke...for anyone to take it seriously is pathetic."

Um, that's why it's called a gaffe.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The comments posted at 6:13, both of them, demonstrate why Dems consistently lose in LV-wide races.

Anonymous said...

Bernie's not picking on Biden. In fact, Bernie is very late to the party. Biden displays this idiocy on a daily basis. It's no big f--king deal.

He is a blithering idiot who was widely unpopular with Senate colleagues for his thuggish abrasiveness and stunning lack of intellect. He had the lowest net worth of any Senator and still lived in his late mom's house. He was long considered the dumbest member of the Senate. Our own Bob Casey is that guy now.

The White House sends Biden to help lost causes like Callahan in places like Bethlehem in an effort to keep him occupied in places where his daily screw ups might not be widely reported. They're likely aware the local newspapers barely exist and don't report much local news anymore.

They forgot about Bernie.

ironpigpen said...


There must be some mix-up.

Only the unrepentent IRONPIGPEN is banned here.

Meanwhile, have you boycotted an IronPigs baseeball game today because I dare criticize Obama?

Mickey said...

Everyone makes mistakes. Even this blog's esteemed host. Look carefully at the headline for this post. Interesting way to spell "Running".

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh shit. Good thing I'm not runnng for anything. Thanks for noting the typo.

Anonymous said...

Callahan is as phoney as a 3$ bill. look at him on the Health reform act... not one word till it was passed then he said he was for it. Thats an example of what a suck up fake he is. His mic stand even has wheels on it so he can wiggle and waffle with every step he takes. River