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Monday, April 26, 2010

Brennan, Samuelson to Host Senior Fair This Friday

Ironically, it's at a youth center. State Reps. Steve Samuelson and Joe Brennan, both D-Lehigh/Northampton, will host their annual Senior Fair this Friday from 9 AM to noon at Allentown's East Side Youth Center (1140 E. Clair St., Allentown, PA).

It's a free event and will feature more than 40 vendors, as well as free health screenings, representatives from local and state health agencies, complimentary refreshments and door prizes.

Last year, I got a case of Depends.

Want more information? Samuelson’s constituent service office is at 610-867-3890, and Brennan’s constituent service offices are at 610-882-1510 (Bethlehem) and 610-266-1470 (Catasauqua).


Anonymous said...

These vote getting Seniorfests are the best thing these pol's can do. It is all about hitting that high voting demographic.

Good Job pols.

Anonymous said...

All of these pols cater to the geezers. The suck up to the supervoters, pester vendors and government agencies into showing up and the hoard of blue hairs come out to get their free refreshments, door prizes and promotional goodies. Load up those tote bags with pens, note pads, Pa. road maps stamped courtesy of Sen. Blickberger. Then head back to the assisted living facility where two hours later you forget who sponsored the event. Brennan and Samuelson- conductors on the geezer express!