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Friday, April 16, 2010

Three LC Comm'rs Miss Wednesday Night's Meeting

Absent from Wednesday night's meeting were Percy Doughtery, Dan McCarthy and Bill Hansell. Dougherty and McCarthy have near perfect attendance at committees and meetings, and I'm sure they had valid reasons for being elsewhere. But Hansell? He has now missed 1/2 of the meetings held since his appointment, and was even absent on that night as well.

Perhaps that should have been a clue. Maybe someone should send out an Amber alert.


Anonymous said...

Hansell is only needed when his vote is necessary as dictated by the Administration.

What part of that don't you understand. Besides he wrote the damn Health Care bill as well as the Declaration of Independence, just ask him how smart he is. Let the guy take a rest.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 2:45.
I would also like to point out the Mr. Hansell campaigned for the seat. And now that he has it ?????.
But maybe it is just as well. What more could he have after the Health Care bill and the Declaration of Independence. (Maybe he could write a Constitution. Now that would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is your government inaction.