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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grucela: Auto Insurers Should Give Notice of Revoked Registrations

HARRISBURG, April 13 – State Rep. Rich Grucela, D-Northampton, may be retiring at the end of this term, but he's still working hard. He's just introduced legislation (H.B. 2414) that would require auto insurance companies to notify a consumer in advance if their vehicle registration privileges may be suspended or revoked.

"Some people are not aware that their vehicle registration will be suspended or revoked if they allow their auto insurance to lapse -- for whatever reason," Grucela said. "Having your registration restored can be a time-consuming process accompanied by fees ranging around $50. Giving drivers advance notice would help minimize confusion and additional driving violations."

Grucela said insurance companies are currently only required to send a consumer a notice of cancellation on insurance privileges. The notice required under the bill would be similar to the notice currently required where the insurance coverage lapsed or was terminated by the insurer. The cost to the insurance industry, if any, would be minimal.

Under state law, if a person's motor vehicle insurance coverage is canceled or expired for any reason, they must return their license plate and registration sticker to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. If the required documents are not surrendered, a driver may face a 90-day license suspension if they continue to operate their vehicle without proper insurance, and drivers also can be further penalized.

Grucela said he introduced the bill after hearing from a constituent who voluntarily dropped his insurance because he was out of state for several months. Unaware of the consequences, the constituent's registration was suspended.


Anonymous said...

What the Hell, Grucela must be working on his resume. He hasn't done anything for years and now hes going nuts with nuisance legislation.

The cost is minimal? Really? Why the Hell should Insurance Companies be responsible to remind some dumbass that their registration will lapse if they lose their insurance. Christ, it is clear this guy never held a real job or worked for a real company.

This is what happens when you spend your life sucking on the public tit.


Anonymous said...

Working hard? Please.

Lester is spot on. Why should the insurance company have to do anything?

The guy who was unaware of the consequences is a dumbass who deserved what he got. But in typical lifetime D-pol fashion, Rich wants to pass the buck and make someone else responsible for a doofus who was ignorant of the law. What a pandering douchebag.

Hey Rich, how's that pension reform going?

What pension reform you say? Oh, yeah, working on that would make you the poster child for hypocrisy.

As if you were not already.

Anonymous said...

Now why is it my insurance company's responsibility to remind me I need insurance to keep my car registered in Pa? Isn't my responsibility to pay my bills and suffer all the consequences of not doing so?

What a waste of taxpayers time and money, and another rease for insurance rates to go up.

Anonymous said...

There he goes into the sunset, trying to outlaw inattentiveness and stupidity by putting yet another burden on PA businesses. He's really done a number on chasing away PA industry during his miserable tenure on the country's worst legislature. Good riddance to one of the most ineffective public servants ever to steal his wages from taxpayers.

Bernie O'Hare said...

All this venom at Grucela ends up making him look prettyy good. It is little wonder he had no opposition whenever he ran.

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumor that hospitals now must sending out notices to stupid people that if they stop breathing they will die?

State House can't manage their own finances but want micromanage stupid people by spending working people's money.

Anonymous said...


I'd laugh, but the likes of Grucela and his fellow troughfeeders might just take that up.

Rich Grucela. Never confuse activity with accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Grucela should introduce a resolution excoriating his do-nothing constituents for ever criticizing him. He's surely owed more than he's already taken from the taxpayers he's always held in dripping contempt. That's how government pension compilers view their sick world.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hate to break this to you, but all this venom just makes Rich look that much better and you look pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Guys, we need this legislation! Let me tell you my personal story...I had state farm for years and switched to esurance because I got one heck of a deal. Mind you my insurance NEVER lapsed! I just switched carriers to save money.

Well it started then several weeks later....got a letter from the finance company first stating I had NO insurance...well that wasn't true I provided them the new insurance...that problem was fixed.

A week later came the letter from Penndot to surrender my plate for no insurance as notified by State Farm!!

My reg was canceled and it was no fault of my own, again I had insurance 100% of the time!!!

A call and a fax to Penndot fixed the problem but guess what??

If I would have been pulled over or my wife and kids the plate was "F" stopped in the system for insurance cancellation, that means my plate get's seized immediately by the police, car gets towed and a nice citation and threat of a driver's license suspension goes with it!! Yeah, you can fight it in court and win but....your not getting your money back for the tow, plate back or the aggravation soothed!

Again, working the court system I know about these things and mistakes DO HAPPEN to law abiding people.

We need this legislation it can happen to any one of us who wants to get a savings and change our insurance.

Best Regards,

Fred Schoenenberger
Constable, Wilson Borough

Anonymous said...

So your current insurance(the new one) card wouldn't have stopped your car/license plate from being seized?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bernie O'Hare said...

Insulting elected officials is one thing, but insulting readers of this blog will not be tolerated. From this point, if you can't be civil, you will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Once your plate is in the system to be seized by the police a new insurance card will NOT stop them from taking your plate and towing your car.

It (insurance card) along with the policy declaration from your insurance carrier and prior insurance carrier would help you win the court case from the citations but once that plate is "F" stopped you can't do anything unless Penndot were to go in and change it.


Anonymous said...

Right, we need this legislation so you can get your tow money back. Bill the Insurance Company. Why must Insurance Carriers bear this cost which they will pass on to me, who somehow after numerous changes has never had your experience.

Oh Please, more nanny state bullshit legislation form a lifetime public trough feeder.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, people need the insurance company to send them a letter stating they canceled their insurance? From the example

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this bum has lost alot of support in this area. Another sleazy political grab for more money. Bye Richard

Bernie O'Hare said...

I notice you're posting from the Germantown School District. Wanna' explain that?

Anonymous said...

Really how do you figure that? Born, raised, working and living in the 137th. Sorry Bernie, you are wrong on this. Your hero Rich G sold out to the highest bidder, admit it.