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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obama's Mortgage Aid Plan Failing, Wasteful


Anonymous said...

Shocking! Who could have seen this coming?

Concerned Allentown Democrat Voter

Anonymous said...

He had so much experience as an elected dogcatcher or something in Illinois prior to unleashing his scary economic expertise on us. The guy likely can't count to eleven without dropping his pants. We've gone from bad to worse.

Anonymous said...

My jaw just hit the dinner table.


Anonymous said...

I’m sure this program is the exception; everything else is working just fine.

Allentown Democrat Voter

Anonymous said...

Thank God Mexico and Canada are giving up their enriched uranium. Barry nipped that in the bud.

Allentown City Hall Worker

Anonymous said...

You wanted him.....you got him!!!!

Anonymous said...

where are all the Hopey McChange Lehigh Valley Independents on this one ?

Anonymous said...

When we asked to see his college transcripts, you called us racist.

It was such a great party, a chance to be part of history, he is so smooth, so cool.


Obama is a phony who isn't worth the fuzz in GWB's ass crack.

Anonymous said...


More from the rude racists.

Relax, nothing to fear. The election of Sara Palin to President will signal the end-times and God will take you away. Either that or you will be in a lunatic asylum. I guess it is the same difference.

Not so casual observer said...

The number one threat to the United States today is: