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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grucela Gets $ for Upper Mount Bethel, Nazareth Schools

State Rep. Rich Grucela, D-Northampton, may be retiring at the end of this year, but he's not going gentle into that good night. Thanls to his efforts, the Commonwealth Financing Authority has awarded two state grants for projects in the 137th Legislative District.

Upper Mount Bethel Recreation

Upper Mount Bethel Township will receive $375,000 to build a community park on a 90-acre parcel of land donated by Reliant Energy. The project includes paving for parking lots, the construction of athletic courts and fields, playground installation, trail paving and landscaping.

Grucela said the project is expected to help the township meet the needs of the growing soccer, baseball and softball leagues, and add courts for the basketball and volleyball programs. Construction is scheduled to be completed in June.

Solar Panels at Nazareth School

Positive Energy Pennsylvania 3 has also been awarded $966,000 for the purchase and installation of a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic system for the Nazareth Intermediate School in Upper Nazareth Township. The system will supply energy to the Nazareth School District at a rate of $0.0939/kWh, increasing 3 percent annually for 20 years.

Funding for this grant comes from the state's Solar Energy Program, which promotes the use of alternative energy throughout the state.

CFA is an independent agency of Pennsylvania that evaluates and administers funding for projects that create jobs and invest in the state’s financial growth. To find out more about CFA programs, visit http://www.newpa.com/.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the grants would come anyway, regardless of who was filling the seat.


Anonymous said...

He showed up for the photo op. That was his input. What a guy. Give him another pension!

Anonymous said...

That's what politics has become; pigs feeding from the trough. While UMBT maintains a low municipal property tax, the debt ridden state is helping pay for their park.

Anonymous said...

Not many people will support this bum anymore. Even his ardent backers are putoff by the sleazy way he recruited Skank. Soory but Richard is going out on a bad note, but he doesn't care.