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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Browning Makes Dangerous Foray Into Northampton County

I think LC Exec Don Cunningham has finally figured out a way to get rid of Dean Browning, the damn Republican who chairs Lehigh County's Board of Comm'rs. He's sending him on a diplomatic mission this Thursday night to Northampton County Council.

When Northampton County Bulldog Ron Angle found out that Dean is coming, he immediately started a kettle boiling in Council's star chamber, laughing manically as he sliced in a few carrots and potatoes.

I thought Northampton County stopped those human sacrifices when Jim Hickey left.


Anonymous said...

BO :

Your man "Snarlin Arlen" endorses your 'hero' John Callahan and you remain silent???

This is NOT a story?

You must be under the weather.

Get well soon!

Bernie O'Hare said...

This is yesterday's news and I was not privy to what happened. I hear Callahan endorsed Specter, and I say good for him bc I like Specter myself.

Anonymous said...

Dean will come back a changed man. After an hour or two of the disaster that is Northampton County Government, he will return to Lehigh County and kiss the cornerstone of the Government Center.

At least when he sees the crass incompetence of the Administration and Council in Northampton he will be in a great mood for months to come.

Anonymous said...

i thought he had a funny limp and odd twitch in his right eye. poor bastard.