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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pa. Independent: Pa. Considers Higher Taxes at Fuel Pump

That way, you'll just blame Arabs.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't the Teabaggers protesting the taxes we pay for the wars? I just read that Matt Ryan, the mayor of Binghamton, sick and tired of watching people in local communities "squabble over crumbs," as he puts it, while so much local money pours into the Pentagon's coffers and into America's wars that, urged on by local residents,he is the first mayor in the United States to decorate the facade of City Hall with a large, digital "cost of war" counter, funded entirely by private contributions. That counter will offer a constantly changing estimate of the total price Binghamton's taxpayers have been paying for our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since October 2001. By September 30, 2010, Binghamton's "war tax" will reach $138.6 million for a war that isn't making us safer.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I support the Mayor's leadership in speaking out on a matter he considers important, even though I think we do belong in Afghanistan.

Since you support this, I presume you also support local leaders voicing support for the AG's lawsuit about the health care overhaul?

You may duisagree with them, but aren't leaders there to lead?

Anonymous said...

The "Arabs" already tax us on every gallon. When the PA gas tax was raised several years ago, it added pennies to the cost per gallon while the "Arabs" added well over a dollar. So, does it make sense to send our dollars to foreign countries (including Iran) or to Pennsylvania?

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

With the administration we have in Washington, I doubt they'll want us blaming the Arabs.

Instead, they'll point us to those evil oil companies.