Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Northampton County Councilman Lamont (Pinocchio) McClure: Then and Now


When Lamont McClure waged his unsuccessful Northampton County Council campaign, he held a press conference concerning the $3 million road to a proposed Walmart in the proposed Wind Gap Industrial Center. He sanctimoniously demanded that Council show "leadership to preserve the quality of life in the Slate Belt and take back this bond money now."


Last Thursday, Lamont McClure voted against an ordinance that would do just that. Now some say this is because there is access to Walmart via another road. I say baloney. The $3 million county road will still be the main access route to the new Walmart.

McClure, you may recall, is the author of Northampton County's mean-spirited Code of Civility. Too bad he couldn't have included a phrase or two about honesty. Is it me, or is his nose getting longer?


Anonymous said...

Lamont does whatever Adolph Stoffa tells him to do. Too bad Uncle Stoffa is off his rocker and can't even fill 4 cabinet positions because NO ONE with any sense wants to work for a senile old man.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This must have been written by Mrs. Stoffa.

Stoffa is a good man. A lot of "pay to play" contractors and employees were disappointed when the people chose an honest man who refused to take money from special interests. Are you one of them?

And I know where Lamont gets his orders.

LVDem said...

nobody marches to Stoffa's orders. He is not regarded well by the Democratic establishment that is the driving force on council.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever think that now that Lamont is on County Council and he has debated the issue and understands it better he maybe realizing that campaign promise was the wrong thing.

Even the elder George Bush said "No New Taxes" and had to change his tune once he go into office.

Also remember, as you point out Mr. McClure was never elected to county council. So why would he not take back what he said campaigning and do the opposite. Obviously his campaign promises did not get him get elected so... what else should he do???

Bernie O'Hare said...

When Bush "the elder" reversed himself on taxes, it cost him the presidency. And McClure's reversal on his Walmart pledge should alone be enough to cost him his position on County Council.

I pointed out before that McClure was rejected by the voters and does not represent them but instead represents the special interests (big city lawyers and the DA's office) who heavily funded his losing campaign.

Your comment approves of a Councilman who goes back on his word, and you actually argue that he is entitled to do so because the voters rejected him.


I prefer Counciulmen who keep their word. Silly me.

And by the way, nothing changed from the time of McClure's initial pledge to the time of his vote.

Anonymous said...

Mcclure got less votes in Plainfield and Wind Gap than the nine other candidates.

Anonymous said...

That Mcclure guyy sounds like a real fake. No wunder he losst.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same guy who said that every Councilman who voted for the bond should turn in his salary?

Anonymous said...

Bernie, it seems like you and Ron Angle the exact opposite of you politically or so you claim - seem to have the same bogeyman Dertinger, Mcclure, Long et. al.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't know if I would say we are exact opposites politically. He is certainly a conservative, although Angle is much more moderate than he comes off at times. I am certainly a liberal, but I don't look at someone's party affiliation before criticizing him. I'm an equal opportunity offender.

Where Angle and I agree is on good government, and this transcends party affiliations. Government must be open and accoutable. People, and not special interests, should decide elections. Elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, should be held to campaign promises.

Dertinger, McClure, and party boss Long do not appear to stand for open and accountable government. I have taken them to task.

When Republicans Peg Ferraro, Tim Merwarth, and Nick Sabatine deviated from campaign promises, I criticized them as well. I did not have a blog then, but did so in published letters to the editor.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you're a goo goo. So why not take Angle to task for his treatment of Jack Kingsley. Specifically, threatening his job when he wouldn't take orders from Angle. That certainly isn't open and good government.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This comment must have been written by someone who attended last week's Council meeting. During that meeting, Angle questioned John Kingsley, the acting DCED Director, over the famous road to Walmart. Kingsley acknowledged that the developer, Nolan Perin, had been "disingenuous" concerning the development. Kingsley, who probably realized he had said something inappropriate, scrambled for cover and immediately called other councilmen to complain he had been threatened. Angle denied the threat, but Kingsley admitted the developer was disingenuous.

Some people especially those who support the Walmart road, don't like the way Angle questioned Kingsley. Angle also established, during the course of his interrogation, that Wind Gap officials had not sent required progress reports and that Kingsley had not followed up on the matter.

Kingsley is a hard-working and dedicated county employee with an amazing educational background. Given the numerous projects spawned by the county's $11 million megabond, it is understandable that he could let one or two slip through the cracks. But Angle established that the road project had not received the required attention. If he did threaten Kingsley's job, he was wrong. But I don't believe that. I believe Kingsley was trying to do damage control after calling Perin, a heavy duty campaign contributor, disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

Saw it in the Express Times myself.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Speaking of disingenuous, my readers might like to know the identity of Anonymous 10:52 AM and 9:46 AM. This poster obviously was at the last Council meeting. He uses lawyer phrases like "et al." He launched a personal attack against me, calling me a "goo goo."

My blog has a sitemeter under which any of us can determine who is on my blog. At the time of both of these posts, the domain was on the blog. That domain is the Peter Angelos law firm. And guess who works there? Yep, Lamont McClure.

He's proved again that he does not stand for open government but operates in the shadows. Maybe he should become a ninja.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! A lawyer of all people should know how easily one can be tracked and identified over the internet while at work. Way to go Lamont!

Anonymous said...

"goo goo" refers to good governments types. Hardly, a negative personal attack.

Bernie O'Hare said...


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