Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Philanthropist Murat Guzel Donating Face Masks to First Responders

Murat Guzel came to this country from Turkey with next to nothing. Today, he is the owner of the very successful Natural Food Source, a Whitehall Tp. wholesaler to many chain groceries.  But when he first came to this country, he lived frugally and did what so many immigrants to this country do - worked his ass off. He prospered, but remembers what it was like to struggle. 

You may know him as a Democratic donor, although he contributed to Charlie Dent when he was in Congress. That's how I knew him. I saw his name on campaign finance reports from both counties. 

What I did not know is that Guzel is an philanthropist. He's heavily involved in the "She" program to empower young girls in underserved communities. He's arranged trips so they can visit colleges, Broadway shows. He does this with little or no fanfare. 

Unfortunately, Guzel was stricken with Covid-19 and hospitalized. Fortunately, he has recovered and wants to help the first responders who help all of us.  

Today, he will be distributing thousands of masks to them, including coveted N95 masks. 

Guzel, incidentally, makes a great cup of Turkish coffee. Maybe he switched to tea. I personally think think that concoction is the best way toward off any disease. Better than Vitamin D! 


Anonymous said...

A penance, perhaps?


Bernie O'Hare said...

I misjudged him and am truly sorry. He is a good man.