Wednesday, April 28, 2021

How Has Your Vaccine Experience Been?

I'll be getting my second Covid-19 vaccine today at Dorney Park. I'm scheduled for the Moderna vaccine. After Vaccine #1, my arm was sore a few days and I had a very good night's sleep. I had no fatigue, fever or headache. I've been told to drink lots of water before Vaccine #2, and it will make side effects less severe. 

I know a large number of people who have had either the Pfizer or Moderna. None has reported any serious side effects. 

What has your experience been? 

Do you have any recommendations for those who are waiting?

The CDC has eased its masking guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated, basically stating no masks are needed outdoors at small gatherings. A Japanese study indicates that the virus is 19 times more likely to spread in a closed environment. 

I do not wear a mask outdoors unless I am near people. 

I will continue to mask and social distance until the number of new cases is negligible. Even then, I may continue to mask and social distance because, let's be honest, these precautions make it less likely to contract any respiratory virus.  


Anonymous said...

St. Lukes called me (without me calling anyone) before I technically qualified, and scheduled an appointment. A friend told me to move my arm after the shot, intermittently for several minutes to allow the vaccine to move within the muscle, and lessen the chance of pain lingering for days. The facility was set up to move people efficiently, and I had no side effects or pain the arm at all afterwards. I get my second shot in a week.

I am doing the same as I have for the last year - wear a mask in stores and entering/leaving restaurants. I stopped being as careful with skin contacts/cleaning a few months ago, as I believe the main mechanism of infection is airborne. Your mileage may vary.

Anonymous said...

Both Pfizer shots. Only a slight and brief soreness at the injection site. Same for the wife.

Doc Rock said...

The "new" CDC guidelines are not - I repeat not - for those already fully-vaccinated. They are for those who are not fully-vaccinated. Those already fully-vaccinated (and, I presume many who are not fully-vaccinated) have been ignoring the outdoor mask mandate for a long time.

Because it is stupid. And, in contradiction to the scientific evidence.

Commissar Walensky let the cat out of the bag when she acknowledged that there is no way to tell if someone who isn't wearing a mask is fully-vaccinated or not. So, the new guidelines are for the not fully-vaccinated who are now free to go maskless. Because the risk of outdoor transmission is minuscule. The CDC has known this for a long time. But, they want the power to control the American people.

The ultimate stupidity here is that the CDC is actually discouraging more people from getting vaccinated because they are showing no interest in making life more free for those who have been vaccinated.

And, fearmongers who proclaim they will continue wearing a mask no matter what the science tells us are simply taking us one step closer to a dictatorship. Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Fidel are smiling.

Anonymous said...

My partner and I both received the Pfizer vaccine. He experience fatigue after the second dose, but was able to carry out his usual routine. About a day after the shot I experienced chills and could barely hold my eyes open for about 24 hours. Inconvenient, but a small price to pay, in my opinion.
We have no plans to ditch masks completely.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing. I was hoping for superpowers

Anonymous said...

I was slightly more tired after the first Moderna vaccine. After the second dose, I had restless night with crazy but not upsetting dreams. I suspect I was running a fever. That morning I got up, shoveled snow (who didn't in Feburary?), and went to library and came home and suddenly was so tired just laid on couch. Not sick, could eat normally, but just utter exhaustion for about 6 hours. But as tired as I was, I could not nap during that time period. Was back to normal that evening. I had almost the same experience after the second dose of the shingles vaccine but was more achy with that. I am 74 year old woman.

Anonymous said...

Moderna, Allentown Ag Hall, very organized, very easy, no side effects with either shot, just a little sore arm similar to a flu shot, participated in the CDC follow-up survey. So easy. We have some responsibility to the public health. If you want kids back in school get vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

I had received the second shot of Moderna and had some symptoms. A little soreness throughout my body and had chills the next day. Other than that all is well. I drank lots of water but decided not to take any medicine for the body pain and within 48 hours I was back to normal.

I even started to fell pity for those who would not take the vaccine because of their unfounded beliefs and lack of trust in our government. Look at India, they thought they had a stronger immune system than most people in the world and their government continually lied to them. What a cluster F——!

Glad you’re getting the second shot today and perhaps we can hear how to get those unvaccinated disbelievers on the right track and help this country open fully safely.

E Mest said...

Plan on a day off tomorrow. I was very very fatigued the next day and just felt alitt out of it. Good luck Bernie!

Anonymous said...

Had Pfizer shots at Ag Hall through the Allentown Health Department. Quick and efficient. No side effects other than a sore arm. A big relief.

Anonymous said...

This final vaccination will make you feel liberated. My second Moderna left me fatigued the following day, so I went to bed early. That's all. Everyone I know who had side effects from the 2nd dose recovered completely within 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

Moderna. Two shots from City of Bethlehem Health Bureau. BHB and the organizations who helped them both at Moravian College and Wind Creek did an outstanding job of organizing the process and administering the shot. Getting the shot was quick and easy. I was fortunate to have no bad reactions from either shot. I had no fever or body aches and the only minor pain I felt was if I pressed hard on the part of my arm where the needle entered. At worst my arm felt tired in the same way it used to feel after I pitched several innings of baseball.

Anonymous said...

Did the Dorney Moderna for the second time. First time: sore arm for a day, no problems. Second dose: woke up in the middle of night with fever and chills which took about 2 days to get to normal. I think it was the result of doing a heavy workout the day before the shot which put more strain on recovery. My advice from that experience is try not to do anything strenuous a day or two before getting the shot.

Anonymous said...

Wife and I has second Pfizer last Thursday. Drank a Gatorade before and another one after and also "windmilled" my arm immediately after and a few more times afterwards.

Friday approximately 24 hours after the shot, we both felt run down/fatigued with slight headaches, but sort of expected that and planned our day accordingly. Honestly could have probably powered through it and worked if we had to, but used it as an excuse to lay on the couch. Woke up on Saturday and both felt fine.

As for the "windmilling" my arm felt less sore than it did the first time, so I guess there is some truth to that tip.

Anonymous said...

Got second Moderna shot yesterday at Ag Hall. Very organized. It was a bit busier than first shot because yesterday they opened up to walk-ins. I was happy to see the good turn out. Minor pain at injection site on both shots and felt a little light headed in the middle of last night when I got up to use the bathroom. Otherwise feel same as usual. Have not yet turned into a bearded lady or crocodile person, but will update if either occurs.

Stephen Zakos said...

I got my shot six weeks ago at the Boys and Girls Club of Easton. They were very professional and organized. I got the Moderna version. The first day after the first dose felt like a charley horse in my left shoulder, but minor. The second dose did have some side-effects: I was very lethargic for about 36 hours, but still went to work. It wasn't too bad.

I consider getting the vaccine to be my civic duty.

William Sherman said...

My wife and I both received our 2nd Pfizer vaccines a few weeks ago at THE Tidelands hospital a few weeks ago and had no issues

Anonymous said...

Second Pfizer just over 14 days ago. No side effects. Not even a painful injection site. Just feeling good knowing I am as protected as I can be. Going to start living again. Giving up a mask? No.

Anonymous said...

I have listened to people sit back and claim "follow the science":

We can all agree that Mathematics is a science.

US Covid Deaths - 574,000
US Covid Cases - 32,300,000

Through mathematics you will find the following:

574,000 / 32,200,000 = 0.0178 or a 1.79% death rate or to put it more succinctly:

there is a 0.983 or 98.3% survival rate.

So let us follow the science: Mathematics and stop responding in FEAR. That is exactly what the government want you to do.

Wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. All simple thing we were taught in kindergarten. However, we seem to have to be reminded multiple times.

Unmask and get everyone back to work and school. By the way, forcing children into wearing masks in sporting event outdoors, when the science and CDC admit to a very low rate of transmission, is CHILD ABUSE! Everyone needs to start reporting it.

Anonymous said...

I got Moderna. First dose was a breeze, but the second dose I spiked a 102 fever. It lasted a day, no big deal. I feel liberated now! Feels so good to go out and not have to worry.

LVCI said...

April 29, 2021 at 12:28 PM Anonymous said... there is a 0.983 or 98.3% survival rate... wearing masks in sporting event outdoors, when the science and CDC admit to a very low rate of transmission, is CHILD ABUSE! Everyone needs to start reporting it."mild"COVID-19, one in ten people still has at least one moderate to severe symptom. Your survival numbers doesn't account for the possible millions of more suffering from long term or possibly permanent damaging effects.

You've been arguing your case for days now misleading people into believing just 1.7% of those getting sick have anything to worry about. Clearly there's plenty more to worry about long term then just "surviving". All of this over just wearing a simple mask when around other people in public.

Among a study cohort of 20,714 pediatric COVID-19 patients in the U.S., 11.7 percent were hospitalized, according to research published April 9 in Jama Network Open. Really? How many parents would gamble their kid's health given those odds? What you're recommending sounds like "child neglect" rather then abuse.

The odds may look favorable but why would anyone take an unnecessary risk betting on them with their life?

Anonymous said...

LVCI April 29, 2021 at 2:37pm

With regards to your statement about arguing my case for days is inaccurate as the last post I had on any ramblings blog was 7-8 months ago near the elections.

As far as the numbers being misleading, your comments are inaccurate. My responses are very clear: Death rate and Survival Rate. Obviously in the walks of life there are effects that people will have to contend and cope.

There are risks associated with everything we do in life. Do we stop driving because the risk of accidents are present? Do we stop going to work because the risk of accidents in the work place are present?

What I am pointing out is that the pandemic is being used as a psychological and biological warfare to create dependency on the government for assistance. I am challenging everyone to stop suckling at the teat of government and take charge of our lives.

As Ronald Reagan stated that the 9 most terrifying words are "I'm form the government and I'm here to help." He also stated, "Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."

It is far from "child neglect" when I am encouraging and teaching personal integrity and individuality.