Wednesday, April 21, 2021

What is Your Take on Floyd Verdict?

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty late yesterday of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the asphyxiation death of George Floyd last May outside of a local convenience store. Video of Chauvin's knee on Floyd's neck resulted in a huge public outcry by persons of all races and persuasions, including police officers. There were also violent demonstrations and looting, which led to a backlash.

I watched portions of the jury trial and listened to the closing arguments. This was a rare case in which numerous police officers, including Chauvin's own chief, testified against him. There was no thin blue line. I believe that is why he was convicted. There was no reasonable doubt. 

This case opened the festering wound of racism, both overt and implicit, still afflicting us. 

But the racism goes both ways. I know someone, a guidance counselor at a local high school, who complained that Chauvin was given a trial at all. I told her we all have a constitutional right to due process and a jury trial. I added there was no difference between her attitude and that of a KKK lynch mob. She ended our friendship when I told her that being black gives her no immunity from her own prejudices. 

People in my age group tend to be the worst of us, myself included. I am much better than I was in my youth, but still have a ways to go.  From watching my grandson grow up and his interactions with friends of all persuasions, I am very hopeful for our future. 

Most of us would agree that excessive police force, looting and violent demonstrations are all criminal acts.  Unfortunately, extremists in our midst drive us to one side or the other. 

On one extreme, we have Amy Zanelli. She's a judicial  in West Bethlehem and Fountain Hill, defended looting as an appropriate response to slavery. "Stop blaming people for looting in a country who’s [sic] greed was so boundless they captured, relocated, and enslaved entire generations," she wrote.

On the other extreme, there's firebrand conservative Tricia Mezacappa. She's scheduled to be sentenced today for lying to state troopers in an attempt to frame a black man. Upon hearing the Floyd verdict, she wrote this: "George Floyd was a violent criminal thug who deserved a bullet but killed himself by gulping down meth/ fentanyl." The Court will give her more compassion than she would to Floyd.

What's your take on the verdict? 


Anonymous said...

Santiago and Parker both gave speeches in downtown Allentown. Thy feel this is not enough.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...

Since its been 10 years since you were blocked, banned and discarded as the piece of human waste you are, and still can't stop obsessing about my life (which you know nothing about) , ( and still refuse to clean up your life and get a job) this has nothing at all to do with race or compassion....but race baiting racists like you and your idol in West Easton can't leave color out of it, so I'll outline it again:




For me that is reasonable doubt. Maybe the Vice President of the United States , who bailed out violent protestors, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who encouraged more riots and violence on the eve of verdict, cast fear upon the jury. Maybe the New York Times, who doxxed jurors, also added to their fear.

This incident set into motion the glorifying of criminals, the burning / looting/ rioting, and gangster style beatings of innocent people , cities, landmarks, and police. Its wrong, and Floyd is no hero. Every cop in USA should call in sick for a week. We need some reforms in policing , but "The George Floyd Policing Act" by its own title, needs to be tossed into the garbage, and reworked / rewritten.

I dont quarterback police incidents when I was not present.... But you do, in your presumption of guilt , aimed at me for the last 2 years. As always, you are a low/ no information loser with an axe to grind because you were thrown off my property 10 years ago, and still cant understand why you continue to be a radioactive piece of trash, avoided by all. Look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

it was solid

Anonymous said...

Was there actually a verdict in any real sense, or did a mob force the hand of jurors?

Especially given Maxine Waters's exhortations to violence, the unsequestered jurors certainly had reason to fear for their safety and that of their families. Beyond that, they had to bear the heavy weight of knowing there would have been extreme violence against innocent white victims throughout the country by racist BLM thugs had they come to a not guilty verdict.

Would Convict George "Hooper" Floyd have died if he had not inserted illicit drugs into his rectum ("hooping" as he called it) causing him to suffer a heart attack while resisting arrest?

This needs to be appealed. We cannot allow BLM to become judge and jury.

Anonymous said...

Agree with verdict. Mistrial will be declared on appeal, eventually. Prejudicial statements by high profile politicians and a non-sequestered jury. This will be tried again, sadly. It's not over.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Since its been 10 years since you were blocked, banned and discarded as the piece of human waste you are"

Mezzacappa, This is what you do. You recently defamed me with the very statements that led to a judgment against you for your ugly lies about me several years ago. When I point this out to you after you make an ugly comment here, daring me to appear at your sentencing, you explode with a number of vicious anonymous comments to my blog. Then, when I take you to task for your extremism, you get very indignant and claim you are being stalked. You are insane.

Consider yourself fortunate that someone like you is not handing out your sentence today.

Anonymous said...

maybe all the looters/rioters will give back all the stuff they stole and organize work details to rebuild the buildings they destroyed...

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Agree with verdict. Mistrial will be declared on appeal, eventually. Prejudicial statements by high profile politicians and a non-sequestered jury. This will be tried again, sadly. It's not over."

Unless there is evidence the nonsequestered jury heard Waters' vitriol, and that it influenced them, it's over. There is no such evidence.

Waters should have been sanctioned by Congress. she did precisely what Trump was impeached for. She incited people, and her divisive behavior should be rejected.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Santiago and Parker both gave speeches in downtown Allentown. Thy feel this is not enough."

Parker finally using his real name, eh?

Anonymous said...

You obviously didn't watch (or listen) to any of the expert testimony about George Floyd's cause of death. Nor, it seems, did you listen to Derek Chauvin's law enforcement superiors who testified that he was reckless and wrong. No amount of evidence will ever have changed your mind. You are an extremist who posted yesterday that George Floyd needed a bullet. I can't believe our laws allow people like you to own a gun, and I can't believe you ever won an election for Constable.

You brought up Maxine Waters and her rhetoric. I actually agree that she shouldn't have made those statements. But, do you know who else disagreed and publicly rebuked her? Nancy Pelosi. Of course, you don't know this because you are extremely partisan and your beliefs are the only beliefs- just like Steve Lynch and Lee Snoven. Pelosi has also rebuked AOC, too, for her rhetoric, but again, only believe Newsmax, Fox and Brietbart. When will Kevin Mccarthy have the balls to rebuke the extremists in the republican party.

Enjoy jail, Tricia. You are more menacing than George Floyd ever was. I still can't believe that you weren't 302'ed by Crisis Intervention. I can only assume it was due to the Covid pandemic and the authorities didn't want to burden the capacity filled hospitals and/or give you a death sentence should you contract it while hospitalized. Too bad, Derek Chauvin didn't give George Floyd that same courtesy. Perhaps, the State Police should have knelt on your neck for 9 1/2 minutes and a jury could say you died of alcohol overdose considering all the vino you were sucking down the night you called 911 and made a false police report to frame a black neighbor for a crime he didn't commit.

Tricia- it's you who needs to look in the mirror- racist, extremist, alcoholic, convict.

Anonymous said...

Floyd had numerous opportunities to stop resisting, but continued until he died, it is just a pound of flesh thrown to the mob, and you can expect they will want more. The cities can expect to look something like an old mel gibson movie. Would anyone council their children to be policeman?

Anonymous said...

7:18 What's going on with that other idiot who was posting all sorts of crap about you? Did he cost WAEB a couple million or something? Did he get pushed back into his hole?

Anonymous said...

I know and am friends with multiple LEOs, both State and local. They are individually great people and love what they do and I am proud of them for their service. We all recognize the risks and dangerous circumstances their jobs put them in on a daily basis. Part of what makes LEO's actual real life heroes is that despite knowing the dangers and risks, they do put on their uniform each day and need to make critical decisions at times under very stressful circumstances that very few of us ever encounter.

They are not perfect. They do make mistakes. They do take those mistakes seriously as they understand that the consequences of those mistakes can lead to a loss of a life or lives.

Privately they've told me that Chauvin went too far and that the other officers on the scene should have recognized the situation and done something.

The other thing they've told me is that the world is full of dumb assholes that we meet, see, work and live with on a daily basis and unfortunately there is no way to determine who is a dumb asshole until you've spent enough time around them. The Law Enforcement community is not immune to dumb assholes and in fact does attract its fair share, but most are weeded out very early in their careers.

The video evidence was horrific and all anyone needed to see that Chauvin went too far. The guilty verdict was correct, he needlessly caused the death and now must pay the price for it.

Anonymous said...

"I believe that is why he was convicted. There was no reasonable doubt." Yup! That's the standard at a criminal trial alright.

LVCI said...

I was somewhat disappointed Chauvin's defense didn't demonstrate how his client was not to blame by putting him on the floor of the courtroom with three guys on top (with one a knee on his neck) I think this would have cleared the whole matter up in less then 9 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Sadly my take is not the obvious -- that Chauvin's horrific actions presented the jury a forgone, no-brainer verdict -- but the terrifying response of those who defend, rationalize and excuse Chauvin's crimes by blaming "mob justice." I fear those with that mindset even more than the bad cops, because they're the ones perpetuating police injustice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the verdict. The police have got to rid themselves of the small percentage of cowards and bullies who have not seen accountability. One thing people must understand is that it is not police just killing minorities with impunity, anyone can be a victim of police misconduct. With officers seeing no repercussions, even with gross misconduct shown with audio and video evidence, the abuse by the small segment of incompetent, cowardly, or sadistic officers will continue to grow.
Where was the justice for this man?

Anonymous said...

WE all saw the video. What more needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

If I were on the jury I'd have also voted guilty. However, I'm conflicted, confused and frustrated daily by the hundreds of blacks (including women and children) killed in US cities every year by other blacks with seemingly no outcry or anger. Perhaps there is a reason for this that I'm unable to grasp, but isn't an innocent black child in North Philadelphia's life just as important as George Floyds? As indicated above, maybe there is a valid reason to allow black on black shootings to happen without outrage from organizations like BLM, I just don't get it personally.

Colin said...

The jury heard facts, and the jury made a decision. As an attorney, without having them sequestered, I don't know how in the world they aren't influenced. I am not sure getting an untainted jury is possible in a case like that.

The legal process played out, and it doesn't matter if we agree with it or disagree. It seemed like a fair proceeding, and in light of the nature of the case, I think that is the best you could ask for.

Anonymous said...

Well, is she in jail or did they let her walk, again?

Anonymous said...

It always should be kept in mind that few, if any, other than the jury and the trial participants have heard all of the evidence. That should make all of us humble when addressing the verdicts.

That having been said, the part of the evidence that I heard certainly sounds as though the jury had an ample basis for its verdict.

It's about time that police officers begin to be more accountable. May the trend grow!

Bernie O'Hare said...

She got 12 mos probation. Judge Baratta said she needs treatment, but none is available at the jail sand she would be "stewing" in there and this would likely "feed into the illness."

I will have a detailed story later. The psych eval indicates she suffers from some sort of post traumatic stress disorder indicative of a "person preparing for homicidal or suicidal behavior."

The report indicates that there are numerous racial overtones in her behavior and noted her use of the term "tar baby" on several occasions. "Her words suggest there may be a racial component to this," noted Judge Baratta.

Anonymous said...

Colin, even a jury that's not sequestered was told to avoid news coverage. Is there any evidence in the record that a single juror heard anything?

And even a juror who was nonetheless exposed to the news wasn't necessarily influenced by what they heard. Is there any evidence in the record to that effect?

And if they heard Fox "News", they would've heard a lot of pro-Chauvin screeching.

LVCI said...

I watched a special on probation. More then a few prisoners chose to go back to jail rather then relentlessly hounded by some of their parole officers. So I don't think it will be any walk in the park for her. Even I'd have trouble trying to follow their sometimes overly restrictive rules. Ought to be interesting to see where this goes in the days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Wow. A few without a degree gave a good diagnosis of her mental state, well before a court ordered evaluation.
She should be sent for treatment in Lehigh County. They have a program and the cost to Norco would be worth the lives that may be saved. How much would a lobotomy cost for Nurse Rached?

Anonymous said...

He was given a fair trial, and the verdict was exactly what anyone who listened to all the testimony and saw all the evidence should have expected. Chauvin knew he didn't have a pulse, and still remained on his back and neck for about 3 more minutes. He declined when another officer suggested they roll him onto his side. Dr. Tobin correlated the very few movements that he made of his arm, shoulder and leg to him desperately trying to breathe, and the involuntary movement showing he no longer was breathing. He was not resisting - he was suffocating. The defense threw literally a bunch of crap at the wall to try to distract from the painfully obvious conclusion that Chauvin murdered Floyd. Some toppers were the carbon monoxide, and then outright lying in closing that the prosecution had the burden of proving Floyd did not die of other things. The evidence was he did not die of other things, but the proof was that Chauvin unreasonably restraining him caused his death. Not fentanyl, not CO, not heart disease or anything else.

Anonymous said...

@10:06 - Not sure where you get the impression that people are "OK" with black on black violence. If you aren't seeing outcry and anger about it, then you aren't looking very hard.

Senseless death is tragic no matter who the victim or perpetrator is, no matter what the race of the individuals are. The loss of a life in any community has a major impact on that community no matter what.

There are many reasons that it happens more often in lower income/high population areas and the answers and solutions get very complex. The sad fact is that because it happens more often in those areas it doesn't get noticed or mentioned in the news because as a society we simply don't like to look at the poor and struggling segments of our population. It's unpleasant.

I would strongly urge that you and all readers here - to get involved through your church or any # of organizations that can help those who need assistance. Its very eye opening, occasionally heart breaking but overall very rewarding, even if its the smallest amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Mezza was found to be preparing for homicidal or suicidal behavior? Not a surprise, sadly. We do an absolutely horrendous job with people suffering from mental diseases - we now pretty much ignore the issue and put the burden on families to house their own ill members. Jail is no place to get help. She seems obsessed with Dees - posting videos of him working that demonstrate no inappropriate behavior at all. They get like 2 views, which shows that no one considers what she is doing as informing the community of diddly squat. Hope Dees watches out for his safety.

scottmccloud said...

Very appropriate verdict, based on strong evidence. My grandfather was an inspector in the Phila PD, so I respect cops but know there are always some poor ones, such as Mr. Chauvin who apparently had a record of abuse. A good outcome.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Was County Executive candidate, Steve Lynch, there to support her? If so let the public see that he's just as irrational, fanatical and racist as she is. Seriously, "tar baby"? She actually said this repeatedly in a psych eval? It certainly gives you insight into her psyche.

I'll make a prediction now, she will not be able to stop drinking alcohol, thus she'll violate probation and due a few weeks in jail, before her probation is terminated.

Again, "tar baby???" WOW! Ok, Tricia, explain again how, like Trump, you're the least racist person ever. SMH.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...

Here's something to write about jackass.

I am not biting, send me to jail, I'll take it like Martha Stewart did.

Thats all. Have fun. Cant wait to recruit future employees to my government transparency consulting firm.

Insane probation conditions only an insane person would tolerate. Take it the bank whacko!

Anonymous said...

I read the prosecutor essentially called defense counsel a liar several times, and was rebuked by the judge only once. Some talking lawyer head said that's a serious sin and likely grounds for an appeal. Is that possible, if true?

Anonymous said...

White female privilege, BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

It should be addressed and cared about by someone. Little innocent children vs drug addicted criminals. Hard to understand

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I read the prosecutor essentially called defense counsel a liar several times, and was rebuked by the judge only once. Some talking lawyer head said that's a serious sin and likely grounds for an appeal. Is that possible, if true?"

Odds of prevailing on appeal are poor, from what I've seen of the trial.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Was County Executive candidate, Steve Lynch, there to support her? "


Bernie O'Hare said...

"Insane probation conditions only an insane person would tolerate."

I believe you will end up in jail bc you will refuse to cooperate with probation officers as you refuse to cooperate with everyone else. As Judge Baratta observed, you are a "defective person."

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:37, You are deleted bc you called for violence. Totally inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Welp, my prediction came true in less than an hour.

Let me guess:
-Psychiatic Treatment
-No alcohol/drugs
-No Internet usage
-No gun(s)
-No Political television shows
-Random and regular urine analysis
-Full time employment
-No filing RTK requests
-No out of State travel unless pre-approved
-Must resign as Constable
-No contact with any member of a known militia organization or with any known convict.

These are just off the top of my head. I can only imagine what recommendations the Psychiatrist and/or probation department had, in addition to, what I listed.

Tricia- someone (The County) has to try an right your ship, you maintain a state of delusion without the aforementioned criteria.

BTW, Martha Stewart is a Democrat and a "real" billionaire, unlike your fake deity.

Anonymous said...

"then you aren't looking very hard."
"it doesn't get noticed or mentioned in the news because as a society we simply don't like to
look at the poor and struggling segments of our population"

Anon 1:16: I'm looking very hard for any outrage of the hundreds of black people killed by other black people and I see none. These homicides are reported in the news every day. The Philadelphia news reports on shootings nearly every single day of the year at this point, and nearly all the victims are black, many are women and children. I haven't seen one incident of public protest or anger over these shootings and/or killings unless and until a black person being arrested is shot by a police officer.

Anonymous said...

12 months probation��

Anonymous said...

12 months probation is a laugher. The system can't fix her. Not the judge's fault. This guarantees she'll be back for another round, and continue to provide a target rich environment for this blog until she kills herself. What a world.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...

To all of the misinformed low life scum buckets who bother to read this blog (maybe 5)

I forfeited probation officially in writing

I am waiting to be re-sentanced

I will not tolerate false narratives, lies, gaslighting, abuse, violence, death threats, vandalism on my property and car, and continued political persecution dealt by a corrupt system of terrified mentally unstable nutbags , who foam at the mouth and misuse public resources every time I ask for public info.

17 page docket for an M3

Deprived of an attorney
Deadlocked the jury
Cooperated 100% WITH PSI


I will sit there in jail and record every single act of abuse, date, time, name, etc, call the news outlets, and re-train inmates how to beat their criminal governments so they don't wind up deprived of rights, like me!

Anonymous said...

WFMZ did a great report on Tricia's trial. They reported on the persecution she got from Bernie O'Hare.

Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Hare, I look forward to your opinion and additional details on the Mezzacrazy sentencing.
If 1:43 PM was really the Ridge Street Bummer, then she not only has psychological problems but has proved herself the ass clown moron the Lehigh Valley considers her to be.
To invite jail and broadcast she's not going to adhere to her probationary conditions is stupidity beyond comprehension.
She's determined to end up living in a cardboard box by the river and talking to her feral cat friends.

Anonymous said...

Officer Chauvin was not a very sympathetic character. He had reputable of being a hard ass. Small guy with a tough guy persona. A tax cheat to boot. He even glared at the jury when he took his mask off. Perhaps that was another reason why he didn't testify. He would have been eviscerated by the prosecution and come across like a villain in blue. But, the trial was a travesty. The jury should have been sequestered for the entire trial. They were likely intimidated by media reports and current events. Testimony was overwhelming against Chauvin. He's going away for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

There are multiple issues with our justice system, definitely not fair to the poor. The man was killed for a counterfeit $20 bill. Then there are those that undervalue their properties hundreds of thousands to pay less taxes and then they brag about the crime and nothing is done. That scumbag is Trump and he belongs to sit next to Chauvin. Justice partially served!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like I was spot on regarding the conditions of your probation...and you freaked the f*ck out as you often do.

I "used to" know a guy who was just like you- he ALWAYS thought his rights were being violated, that all government was corrupt, that he's being persecuted, yada, yada yada. I notice him on Facebook (even currently) always preaching about truth, justice and the American way and how this Country is going to sh*t. Anyway, He got into some minor legal trouble a while back (like Jim), but he just refused to comply with probation requirements (like Jim) and he spent the next few years in/out of jail because each time he got out, he felt more persecuted and he engaged in more self destructive behavior.

Anytime that I've posted on here to you, I've done so offering you sound advice- whether you took it as that or not, I don't know. I've worked in the system for 30 years and am a Master's level clinician who worked with criminal populations. I know the rhetoric, I know the excuses, I know the deflections, and know the current path that you're on. I wish you well, but the only person you are hurting is yourself. You're not going to win any lawsuit. You're not going to open any government consulting agency, you're not going to have the "closure" or the peace that you're looking for and you certainly aren't going to solve the world's problems (or your own) by filing more RTK requests. It's a shame that you didn't listen to Attorney Waldron's advice or mine, when I posted on here last year to heed his advice.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky they didn't sue your dumb ass. Your lucky they're laid back genuine people. You're lucky you're not sitting in jail. Enjoy your probation. May you f it up and deal with consequences in Northampton county. Go get the help they all recommend. Maybe they'll fix you since you're defective

Anonymous said...

Wait till those inmates find out you said they all deserve bullets. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Bernie, that thing is hopelessly incurable and most likely should do her probationary period in Norristown State for a true unbiased evaluation before it hurts or even kills itself and others. The judge could order seeing as how uncooperative it is with the justice system and the racially slanderous biased it possesses in its soul, not that any type of spirituality exists near it!

Anonymous said...

@4:32PM "WFMZ did a great report on Tricia's trial. They reported on the persecution she got from Bernie O'Hare."

Yes, they did a great report on this sick woman's trial, and how she was found guilty. You didn't mention that they also reported on Bernie winning a defamation suit against her, as a result of the false statements she made about him. You should have used an adjective, Tricia - "alleged" persecution. Facts matter.

Now you are saying you were persecuted by the judge. Everyone is against you. Fired 10 times, and you quit 20 other jobs because you felt you were not being treated fairly. Do you see a pattern? You badly need mental health treatment.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, please do a piece on police training and qualifications.. Believe one big probl4m is that there are too many police that are not psychotically equipped to be police officers. Frequent evaluations should be a must. Also police have become more militarized over the years. Many appear to see their jobs as patrolling the streets of Iraq as opposed to their neighborhood. Change is needed.

Anonymous said...

@3:10 "I'm looking very hard for any outrage of the hundreds of black people killed by other black people and I see none. These homicides are reported in the news every day. The Philadelphia news reports on shootings nearly every single day of the year at this point, and nearly all the victims are black, many are women and children. I haven't seen one incident of public protest or anger over these shootings and/or killings unless and until a black person being arrested is shot by a police officer."

Again - volunteer, get involved, actually see, visit and talk to them and you absolutely WILL hear the pain, heartbreak and outrage that you seem to be desperately seeking. It's very easy to see what you want to see from your living room couch with the TV remote in your hand.

Police murders aside, are there regular protests and demonstrations following every time a white person is murdered by someone? Why should there be protests and demonstrations for when its a black person? No matter who it is, family and friends are still grieving the loss of a loved one.

Stop making excuses and looking for differences - get involved, get personal and you will understand.

Anonymous said...

To all the people who think Chauvin was not guilty lets do an experiment for the purpose of potential exoneration of him. Volunteer to have someone put their knee on your neck for 9 minutes the way he did. And see what happens. If you survive the first try then we will get you high with the same drugs that Floyd was supposedly on (and by the way was there a tox ever done?) And have someone put their knee into your throat again for 9 minutes. And if you actually die this time then it will be assumable that the drugs had something to do with it. I really do not think that many of you would allow anyone, let alone not struggle if someone had their knee in you neck for nine minutes. Any volunteers for a reenactment?

Anonymous said...

7:41 Are you suggesting this method in all murder trials or only in that of Convict George "Hooper" Floyd? If so, why?

Anonymous said...

@8:27 Because the people that believe kneeling on the neck of someone for nine minute does not kill them must be smarter then the rest of us and wiling to prove us all wrong. Since this is a special case that seems to bring controversy unless you are saying that we should use the same logic for bullets to the brain. There are so many people that just sit out there an snipe crap but won't put it on the line for their beliefs.