Thursday, April 01, 2021

My Virtual Appalachian Trail Journey

On January 17, I  started my virtual Appalachian Trail hike. Any distance based exercise counts. This includes walking, running, cycling, canoeing, elliptical or arc trainer, rowing, etc.  As of the end of March, I have clocked 600.2 miles. The goal is to finish in a year. The trail is 2,190 miles long.    

Two  friends are doing this, too. They are both ahead of me. ... For now. 


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Keep walking. When you get to Maine. get off. I'll remove all the trail markers so you can't find your way back.
Hokie Joe

Ken said...

where is the link to do this, sounds interesting, how does one get involved

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ken, My two friends were able to sign up. I did so and paid the fee, and never got the registration data. Hence I decided against supplying a link because I am leery of this outfit.

I can do the virtual challenge without signing up for anything.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Pathfinder, It is a site with "conqueror" in its title. I lost $49 and was conquered.