Friday, September 25, 2020

GOP State Rep. Candidate Scott Hough Complains About Bethlehem's Democratic "Machine"

Scott Hough
Scott Hough (pronounced Huff) is a Republican running for State Representative in a heavily Democratic district. He's getting Huffy about it too. I've called his opponent "Diaper Man," but everyone loves Steve Samuelson. He'll be very tough to beat. Hough, however, sees more sinister forces at play. He issued a news release today claiming the "Bethlehem Democratic Party Machine" is out to get him. It's all over some flack he's received over a political ad he wants to run in a City newsletter.

As a Republican, Hough is likely unaware that there is no such thing as a "Bethlehem Democratic Party Machine." That's gone by the wayside for at least the past 20 or 30 years. Precinct captains who at one time could be counted on to deliver votes have been replaced by factions and in-fighting. The last thing anyone running for office should do is rely on his local political party. Samuelson, who has been in office several centuries, knows this.

Hough complains he's getting static over two ads he wants to run in Bethlehem's newsletter, which will be published October 6. He claims that a city official recently called him to say he had to pull them or give Samuelson some time to come up with his own.

Here's what I know. The City of Bethlehem used to publish a bare-bones newsletter paid for with recycling funds. About two years ago, it decided to spice things up with more content about everything going on and what services are available. Instead of paying for it with public funds, the City hired a company to solicit ads from local businesses. There were never any political ads until Hough decided he wanted to place them.

Diaper Man
When the newsletter with Hough's ads were recently noticed by city officials, red flags went up. On the one hand, Hough is exercising political speech. But on the other, city officials provide most of the content. So there's a question whether public resources should be used for partisan political purposes. Not all that long ago, people in Pa. went to jail for precisely that reason in the Bonusgate prosecutions.

According to Mayor Bob Donchez, Hough's claim is "inaccurate." He declined further comment.

Hough also gripes that he was denied a permit for a rally he wanted to hold in July, protesting Governor Tom Wolf's shutdown. At that time, the City was in the middle of its own shutdown, and admits it mistakenly denied the permit.

I see no "deep state" conspiracy and the "machine" has been broken a long time.

What about Diaper Man? Does Samuelson want to buy an ad? Nah. He's too cheap. He's only got about three cents in his warchest and makes his staffers bring in their own toilet paper.

He's so tight with a buck that he should be a Republican.

I'm glad Hough is running. He gives voters a choice. But he's got this wrong.


Anonymous said...

Of course you think Hough is nuts because your Bethlehem mancrush Donchez told you so. Give it a rest O'Hare your comments on things are predictable as the sunrise.

The city is a Demo paradise and the Dem insiders in Bethlehem city government are fat and happy. They gave an opening and this young fellow grubbed it not they are backtracking.

A regular pol and you would clobber the silly answer Donchez didn't give but this is Donchez and we know how you feel.

The guy will lose regardless but this is a bullshit move by lazy insider politicians. They appreciate your help.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem is a sheep herd and doesn't like decisions. Samuelson, by your description, sounds like an ass, though. Also sounds he's another adult daycare case in Harrisburg. Term limits are necessary to preserve a "citizens" legislature. The career guys are disgusting. Looking at you near-dead Freeman.

Bernie O'Hare said...

12:56, I never said Hough is nuts. I said he's got it wrong. There is no Dem machine and frankly, a municipal news letter should include no political ads.

Anonymous said...

12:56 You are right no newsletter should be political and to add if a Church newsletter tells you how to vote they should lose their tax exemption

Anonymous said...

Frankly, who cares if he put an ad in a newsletter most people throw out. Seems like a waste of money.

I do find it laughable that Hough is criticizing Samuelson for being a career pol. Hough has run for office a few times now. And he has been a career elected office holder as a state constable. The overall perception of constables is not good. They are essentially state-authorized bounty hunters with a propensity for overstepping their authority.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go ask your buddy Bob for an answer? No comment is not an answer.

Anonymous said...

Scott Hough is a weiner

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a political ad fall under the prohibition in using taxpayer funds to distribute political "literature."? The taxpayer is paying for printing and mailing. I know the cost of the ad may cover that, but it is a bad idea for any government agency to allow political ads. I think most towns and cities in pa have policies in place that don't allow political ads in their newsletters or websites, because it can give the appearance of an endorsement or partisanship.

Anonymous said...

Steve has proved his uselessness again by flip flopping and keeping fans away from high school sports in the name of public safety. Thankfully the court made the correct decision. We will see what happens upon appeal. Again our state government is playing parent ..... because I’m to stupid to protect myself. He has done nothing except take a paycheck. He has never represented our district. As a Bethlehem Dem I’ll tired of Steve. It’s time for a change, unfortunately it won’t happen

Anonymous said...

When will republicans stop pretending to be victims, and admit that most people just don't like their policies?

Patriot2 said...

Samuelson twice in the past 2 weeks voted against 2 bills that even most other Dems backed. He failed to support the Sports Bill that originally had enough Dems to override a veto.

Then he failed to support his restaurants and event venues asking for bar seating & 50% capacity instead of 25 people for events. Once again enough Dems supported that bill to be veto proof—-not Samuelson who once again simply voted what the Governor told him to do!!

Democrat Lisa Boscola championed the cause for both of these bills supporting her constituents in the Senate. Samuelson is a complete failure in supporting his constituents & instead just votes party line.

We need a representative that listens & represents Bethlehem in Harrisburg & Hough is our only chance to accomplish that.

Samuelson needs to be voted out of office by the Democrats that care about local issues as he will never stand up & he counted upon to buck the Party line-he is a puppet wearing diapers!