Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Pa Inconsistently Reports Zero New Deaths Monday, But Four at LTCFs

Numbers cruncher Steve Thode continues to keep his eagle eye focused on tyhe Covid-19 data from the state DoH, such as it is. Here's his latest:

A first today!

DoH reported 0 (zero) new total deaths. However, it also reported 4 new deaths in LTCFs. My spreadsheet is getting a headache.

The 7-day death rate is now 87. That's the lowest 7-day death rate since the end of March.

Lehigh reported 4 new cases; NorCo 3 for a combined total of 7. That's the lowest number since June 1.

Of course, the data is from Sunday reports which are always suspect.

According to my calculations, the 7-day state positivity rate has dropped to 3.76%.


Anonymous said...

I get the feeling DoH knows their numbers are nonsense. But they rest assured they'll not be pressed on them because the news media is squarely in their corner and the tribes on either side long ago stopped paying attention to details. By continuing to expose the numbers scam, you are the exception that proves the rule. Please don't stop posting the inconvenient truth.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no doubt the numbers being given to Americans have been overstated for political effect. This is an attempt to scare everyone into accepting full mail-in voting, or just choose not to vote at all. There is mischief going on here to influence people to vote for something, really anything, other than this Administration.

Most of America has been ‘had.’ They don’t even know it. Many don’t even care.

Anonymous said...

If we would just stop testing this pandemic would be over in 2 weeks with 0 positives and 0 deaths reported.