Wednesday, July 03, 2019

APD Takes Aim at ATVs, Dirt Bikes

From Allentown Police Department: On Friday June 28, 2019 the Allentown Police Department conducted an operation that focused on ATVs and dirt bikes being driven illegally on city streets.


Friday’s operation resulted in the seizure of two dirt bikes and two ATVs.  The operation was cut short by weather but was still effective despite the abbreviated timeframe.


A total of 30 citations were issued for the following offenses:


Reckless Driving:  1  

Careless Driving:  2  


License violations:

•             DUI suspended – 1  

•             Suspended - 1  

•             Operation of vehicle w/o license for that class – 3

•             Registration:  3  

•             No insurance – 3  

•             No inspection – 3  

•             Lighting requirements – 12  

•             Protective equipment required – 1 


The Department has partnered with the District Attorney’s office with the goal of eliminating this activity. District Attorney Martin has assigned an assistant district attorney to assist with the prosecution of offenders.


Anonymous said...

Didn't da Martin get funds from the 222 corridor to break up the Hamilton gang o thugs? Maybe on his lunch break at yeold limeport in with Pat browne in tow on the Harley's they colluded with dirt bike gang to rob Scott Powersports of a few bikes to Garner grant proceeds again and again!
This all the while running all gangs from Lehighcounty courthouse headquarters!!¡

Anonymous said...

It's about time APD cracks down on these a**holes. They are a menace. I for one will not move for them when driving. Same with the idiots on bicycles doing wheelies all over the road or biking the wrong directions.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Just remember that as inconsiderate as they may be, most are immature kids and young adults. If you hurt one of them, it is you who will be charged.

X said...

Bernie, is it because of these grant specialists that most of us brush our teeth with water that mr hideyhoe wouldnt even brush his teeth with? This is a good posibility of why the kids ride into uncomming traffic, lead and fecal ppm is playing its part.

Abdul Pat Mahiney said...

This enforcement is targeted racism.

Tá an forfheidhmiú seo dírithe ar chiníochas.

هذا التطبيق يستهدف العنصرية

Anonymous said...

It is about time. You may make excuses since you live in the white KKK capital of PA in Nazareth. We in Atwon have to deal with these "immature kids and y9oung adults" everyday. It is worse in summer.

They ride as packs like digs on bikes and kick nnd run into cars.
Stop making excuses you limousine liberal.

Anonymous said...

Red headed, Irish, Immature kids and young adults do not have to be responsible. Excuse them!

Anonymous said...

Well it didn’t take long for the APD to respond to that problem. Hats off for a job well done.
I think I’ll take the wife and kids to downtown Allentown for dinner this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The bike gangs are a small inconvenience for the luxury of living the good life in Allentown.
My kids can’t wait to graduate from college and get a nice apartment in Rileyville with all the other hip millennials flocking to Century City.
My husband and I are planning to retire to downtown in a few years.
Allentown offers everything we want for our golden years.

Anonymous said...

This lawlessness must end.
Ban dirt bikes and ATVs.

Anonymous said...

It’s The City Without Limits.

Anonymous said...

Drive the Bronx Expressway sometime. Packs of lawless thugs on motorcycles and ATV's weaving in and out of traffic intimidating drivers. God save you if you flip them the bird or show distain. They will surround you and run you off the road. The same thug behavior has shown up in Allentown after those Bronx families moved here. Thankfully, our local law enforcement is taking it seriously. It is a form of terrorism.

Huck Weaver said...

Wondering how many active warrants were served.

Anonymous said...

Allentown is circling the drain.
A billion dollars spent couldn’t save it.

I wonder how they spend Independence Day in Danbury Connecticut?

Anonymous said...

These laws are so racist.

Anonymous said...

Bernie @ 0708 July 3. I happen to know if one of them gets struck by a lawfully operated & licensed vehicle obeying all traffic rules the ATV riders & bikers will be charged. That is why I will no get out of their way.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The law requires you to stop , if you can, to avoid a collision. If you don't, you could be in big trouble. I know these kids and young adults are an annoyance, but that's no excuse for hurting someone.

Anonymous said...

The answer to fixing the gang issue is denied access to shelter. Code Dept needs to do inspections and the landlords need review of apartments. Moving permits are a tool of compliance.. Lack of quality of live issues and public safety are reason to get rid of “deadwood” political perisites on payroll .

Anonymous said...

Are Pawlowski’s thugs still employed in the Code Department?