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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Other Pa. Pipeline

Many of us in the Lehigh Valley fret over the PennEast pipeline, which will carry natural gas for 108 miles, from Wilkes-Barre to Trenton. But there's another proposed pipeline in Pa. It is called the Constitution Pipeline. It is longer, and will transport natural gas north, along a 30" pipeline, into New York. It received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in December, and is waiting for an OK from the Army Corps of Engineers and New York DEP. Construction is tentatively scheduled for June.

Seven property owners had refused to agree to the pipeline going through their property, so approval was sought and just obtained from a U.S. District Judge in Scranton. Hizzoner's name is Malachy Mannion.


Anonymous said...

Since New York state banned fracking, I say let the bastards freeze.

Anonymous said...

NY and NJ outcasts that couldn't cut the mustered are in pa now called transpants.

Anonymous said...

Are transpants for fatty asses?