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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hanover Tp Director of Administration Receives Major Award

Ryan Kish receives Major Award from Vince Milite
Hanover Township Director of Administration Ryan P. Kish was presented with a Major Award by Public Works Director Vince Milite during the March 10 Supervisors' meeting. Kish was presented with a plaque and handshake for "satisfactory completion of snow operations" during some recent storms.

Milite was in a bind because his road crew was two men short, when Manager Jay Finnigan volunteered Kish to hit the road, plowing away in his wing tips. "No mailboxes were knocked down," reported Finnigan.

Kish, who had never driven anything larger than a Volkswagon, was still quite elated.

"Kids waved at me. Adults, too!" he gushed.

"Are you sure that was waving?" Milite asked.

Milite told Supervisors that this year, the Township spent $125,428.74 for snow removal operations on the Township's 63 miles of roads. That's significantly less than the $180,385.00 spent last year. The primary reason for this is that gas and diesel fuel is significantly cheaper this year.


Anonymous said...

Does he have proper DOT licensing? Taking hours away from a union worker?

Anonymous said...

It's Hanover Twp., they don't care about unions.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The CDL questions are interesting. Bus drivers are subjected to tremendous scrutiny, while an 80-year old wearing Depends and taking heart meds can drive a bus-sized RV across the Continental Divide. Ryan could've driven a big F550 dump truck with a 9' plow and been perfectly legal. Unions or not, Hanover always seems to have its act together.