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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bethlehem Tp Magisterial Race Includes Five Candidates

Bryan Altieri
The Express Times is reporting that four candidates have filed in the Magisterial District Judge race in Bethlehem Township, but there may actually be five. Bryan Altieri, reports on Facebook that he has filed. The other four candidates are Bill Blake, Pat Broscius, Sandra McClure and Andrew Tupone.

I have already written about Broscius and Blake, both of whom are assistant Northampton County Assistant DAs. McClure makes it three. She is currently assigned to the DUI unit, and is married to Council member Lamont McClure. He decided against seeking re-election earlier this year. Andrew Tupone, who filed his papers late last week, is a 911 dispatcher for Bethlehem. His LinkedIn profile also lists the PSP, although I have no idea whether he is a trooper or is employed in some other capacity.


Anonymous said...

No mistake, Altieri never filed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He's under the impression he did.

Anonymous said...

Sources say Tupone is a 911 Norco dispatcher, And alcohol agent for PSP...he was also a meter maid who ticketed a lot of attorneys for City of Easton. He is also running for Constable.

Anonymous said...

"He's under the impression he did." =


Bernie O'Hare said...

I visited the elections office and he definitely filed.

Anonymous said...

I know he filed, stop with the blind justice jokes already!