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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adult Day Care Expected in Hanover Township

Steve Salvesen and Jack Nagle
An Adult Day Care is coming to Hanover Township. Supervisors conducted a conditional use hearing for Jim Gentile's proposal to convert a 25,000 sq ft, one story building into an Adult Day Care at their March 24 meeting. Like any day care, there will be a drop off and pick up, along with two lanes that will go around the building. Gentile told Supervisors that three levels of licensing are required for this kind of facility. He added it is similar to a nursing home.

Supervisors are expected to approve this proposal next month, though they are insisting on landscaping that will screen the day care center from a residential area. They then discussed likely applicants, and Manager Jay Finnigan offered to hook me up.

In other business, they approved a deferral of the parking at 157 N Commerce Way, where Follett Corporation has a Call Center with 40 employees. Headquartered in Forks Township, Follett specializes in ice machines and refrigeration.Bursting at the seams in Forks, they are expanding operations at their Hanover Tp facility. During the first shift, 94 employees will be on the site.

Follett has agreed to increase the number of parking spaces for its employees to 180. Supervisors have agreed to defer insisting on establishing more spots until the workforce expands.  

They also heard from Traditions of America at Bridle Path residents Steve McCarthy and Dale Traupman. They reported that 107 units have been built, 56 are under contract and 36 are left to be sold. But all the construction going on at the site has severely damaged Bridle Path Road, despite numerous cold patches by the road crew. One resident has been forced to buy new tires.

Manager Jay Finnigan told McCarthy and Traupman that Traditions principal David Biddison has agreed to repave the road once construction is complete. And as soon as weather is warm enough, Public Works Director Vince Milite will apply warm patches to damaged road surfaces.

One resident questioned the Township's policy concerning replacement of mailboxes knocked over by snow plows. Solicitor Jim Broughal told the resident the Township has no obligation to replace anything that is within the Township right of way. "If you put a mailbox on our property, and we hit it with our plow, we're not responsible." Steve Salvesen later stated he lost two mailboxes that way.

Milite told Supervisors that snow plow operators are identified by different numbers.

"I'm number two," said Milite.

"I've been saying that for years," wisecracked Jack Nagle.

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Anonymous said...

People have their property destroyed and the public trough feeders make a joke about it. How classic.