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Friday, March 13, 2015

Convicted Embezzler on Pen Argyl Alumni Board

When he's done with work, he goes out to dinner every night of the week. But after that, it's Chez Northampton, sometimes called NCP and known to most of us as the hoosegow. Richard G. Dietrich, former GM of the now defunct Dietrich Chevrolet, spends his evenings at Northampton County's jail. That's courtesy of a five-month minimum sentence imposed by Judge Kimberly McFadden in January for Dietrich's felony theft of nearly $50,000 from a non-profit hunting camp. Not only did he steal this money, but he then fabricated records to try to hide his crime.

Everyone makes mistakes, including me. Dietrich, who had fallen on hard times, obviously made some poor choices. Although he's a criminal doing time, he might rehabilitate himself. But for now, it's incredibly foolish to keep him on the Board of Directors of the Pen Argyl Area Alumni Association. The sole purpose of that nonprofit is to raise private funds for the Pen Argyle School District through various fundraisers.

After stealing from one nonprofit, the last place Dietrich belongs is on the board of another.

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What about 'The Fox in the Chicken Coup'