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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Bird Painting Day For Green Pond Marsh

Back in August, I told you about artist Gwendolyn Evans. She presented Bethlehem Township Commissioners with watercolors of some of the 162 bird species who frequent the Green Pond Marsh. A lot has happened since then. For one thing, the Army Corps of Engineers has designated most of the marsh as a wetland, precisely as predicted by Jack Glagola.For another, developer Traditions of America is moving ahead.

Gwendolyn has already painted and given 56 of her Green Pond Marsh bird paintings to the Township. That leaves 106 paintings for her still to do. Gwendolyn is wondering if anyone else who is concerned about the detrimental effects of the development would consider helping her with her protest. Especially time consuming for her is the write-up she places on the back of each bird painting she completes.

Gwendolyn is looking for help. "Even if they have no artistic skill" she is looking for volunteers who can "look up and record the facts of each bird" for the backs of her drawings. She's also willing "to teach some folks to paint if they want to try."

Gwendolyn has scheduled a bird painting day on Saturday March 14, between 10 am and noon at 4430 Pond View Ct, Bethlehem, 18020. You can (1) collect and write info on back of painted birds; (2) cut out painted birds; or (3) paint birds (for those who can draw/paint a bit or willing to learn). If you'd like to do any of these things you can reach Gwendolyn at gwendolynevansart@gmail.com .

I think I can try to do cut outs, but don't know if they can trust me with scissors.

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