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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Meaningless Promise

Judge Emil Giordano, son of Italian immigrants,
presides over Naturalization Court
Allegheny County Judge Robert J. Colville is one of two candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to the Pennsylvania Superior Court this fall. The winner faces Northampton County jurist Emil Giordano, who is already doing laps around the courthouse every morning at 5 am to get in shape for the general election. Colville has just bravely announced that he won't raise any money in the primary. But of he gets the Democratic nomination, all bets are off.

"[M]y decision will not only allow me to sleep better at night, but that it might also serve to focus attention on, and encourage meaningful public discourse regarding the question of the influence of big money in politics,” he harumphs, as only a judge can.

If he actually meant a word of what he said, he'd shun that "corrosive influence" in the general election, too.

I think what this means is that Colville is unable to raise any money.


Anonymous said...

Know you are in the bag for Emil but a cheap shot nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Cheap shots is why people read political blogs.That's the fun of it.The great thing most of the news reported on these blog come true.So pucker up take the shots and stop whining

Bernie O'Hare said...

4:36, I am tired of judges who don't think they have to shit, and this goof from Allegheny must think we're all stupid. If campaign donations really bother him so much, he would eschew then for the entire election, not just the primary. It's that simple. And of course I'm in the bag for Judge Giordano. Not only is he the home team, but he's a great judge who still acts like a human being. Colville is a pol.