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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beth Tp Mini-Judge Candidates Include Former Easton Meter Guy

Andrew Tupone, a 911 dispatcher for Bethlehem, is running both for Constable and Magisterial District Judge in Bethlehem Tp. His LinkedIn profile fails to list this, but he's also a former Easton meter maid. In response to a Right-to-Know request, I learned that he started there in October 2011, but left in November 2012 for a better paying job.

During his brief stay in Easton, Tupone developed quite a reputation as someone who liked to hand out parking tickets, and is even thought to have targeted certain individuals.

One of them challenged those tickets in court, and arrived ready to do battle, only to learn that Tupone was no longer employed in Easton.  All of the tickets were dismissed.

That was back when people still had the right to plead their case in from of a judge.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Daniel McCarty represented The Allentown Parking Authority in it's prime at all D.J. and County Court appeals until it was discovered only a D.A. could prosecute Pa. Vehicle Code offenses

Anonymous said...

Oo smokin, one only has to ask what happened to the hamilton street ticket taker and big mike the metermaid under head metermaid GG and the collaspe of Corprate Tower¿

patent pending