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Friday, March 06, 2015

I'm a Miserable Bastard

My regular readers already know this, but let me remove all doubt. I'm as mean as cat shit. Earlier this week, I moaned that Northampton County Council's agenda for last night's meeting listed only one frickin' item of business. That's an insult to the workers, I said. Taxpayers, too, I added.  So last night, when I saw Council Prez Peg Ferraro before the meeting, she was somewhat apologetic. My response was to rip her out for having a meeting at all.

"Why the hell didn't you cancel it?" I demanded. "People are falling on their ass all over the place. I went down on Northampton and it took three Panto Plows to get me up again. And while I was down, some bastard gave me a ticket!"

"Well, Bern, under the Home Rule Charter, we can't cancel."

"So now you follow the Charter?" I asked. "Brown's been in office for over a year and he hasn't started."

That's the way I get. I am a miserable bastard.


Anonymous said...

LOL No your not.

Anonymous said...

If the shirt fits...
Must be a 3XL.