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Friday, June 20, 2014

Where Has LV Development Been Focused?

According to the annual "Subdivision and Building Acitivity" report released by the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, the area's top ten municipalities for development in 2013 are as follws:

1. Allentown - 681 lots.

2. Lower Nazareth Township - 560 lots.

3. Upper Macungie Township. - 420 lots.

4. Upper Saucon Township - 406 lots.

5. Bethlehem Township - 352 lots.

6. Hanover Township. - 222 lots.

7. Lehigh Township - 204 lots.

8. Whitehall Township - 180 lots.

9. Bethlehem City - 105 lots in both counties.

10. Easton - 84 lots.


Anonymous said...

These stats don't tell me anything. What are they compared against?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I can't help it if you're stupid.

Anonymous said...

Where is all the building taking place in Lower Nazareth? Does this inlcude the 500+ lots planned near the park?

Bernie O'Hare said...

If those plans were filed last year, yes.

Anonymous said...

Lower Nazareth is building an apartment complex and a truck distribution warehouse. The charm and beauty will be gone.

Matt M. said...

Yet Lehigh Township supervisors don't think we need another police officer....

Anonymous said...

That is good. Growth is good despite what any naysayer says. Otherwise without the growth, the place would look like Shenandoah, Frackville and all those other coal areas. The complaining NIMBY crowd is getting old and soon to be irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Is that a new catch phrase like total wellness once was¿ No matter how it is colured or what twist is put toit the spin is the same¿
America has become a corprate subcontractor giant were most jobs are outsorced¿ Take a good look at local medical institutions and there employment bylaws¿

patent pendig

Anonymous said...

Hanover Township, Lehigh County or Hanover Township, Northampton County?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Northampton County

c said...

204 lots is a lot of growth for Lehigh. Must be the Northwoods project. Our sewage facility could use some more hookups.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, what about total lots to be built upon? Many lots in LMT have been approved but undeveloped

Anonymous said...

I think that your conclusion is not accurate: From their report:

"The number of building permits and where those permits are being approved
are good companion indicators showing where development is occurring in
the Lehigh Valley. An approved subdivision shows that the developer has
ed the zoning and subdivision requirements. A building permit shows
that the developer has satis
ed the necessary paperwork to build a house or
apartment building on the micro level. Both sets of data can demonstrate,
generally, the perceived health of the housing market."

When you examine the building permits the activity does not reflect the communities that you are showing on your list.
Your list only shows the approved or proposed plans and not construction activity which is equally important.

Anonymous said...

And Lower Nazareth was complaining they can't afford a police department.