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Thursday, June 05, 2014

NorCo Council Meeting Tonight

Northampton County Council's meeting tonight should prove interesting. I am unsure whether all the open space requests will make it through their gauntlet. Hayden Phillips is pretty much opposed to most open space requests. Glenn Geissinger had concerns about an 18-acre steep slope tract in Williams Township. In addition, I am told that some church representatives, who have been burdened by recent assessment changes, will be there. But I'm missing the meeting.

Instead, I'll be covering Liberty High School's graduation tonight for The Bethlehem Press, along with photographer extraordinaire Dana Grubb. High school graduations are very important to this newspaper, and are the only events at which both a reporter and photographer are assigned. Dana Grubb is the best, so tonight, I'm on the "A" team.

If any of you have any good stories or insights about this year's graduating class from Liberty, please feel free to comment. I'd like to write as good a story as I can for these young men and women.

As for Northampton County Council, they are not off the hook. Every meeting is video-taped, and I will watch it and report back to you. A friend who will be there has also promised to send me a report, which I will publish if he has time to finish one.


Anonymous said...

you have no friends, stop lying

Anonymous said...

Bernie asked mezza to go for him.

Anonymous said...

is that the same Dana Grubb who was fired from the city for fighting?

Anonymous said...

Liberty SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Why would they want a two-bit bottom feeder on the A-team?

I'm only kidding, Bernie. You're alright to me. I just wish people would stop libeling you. It leaves a false impression. Such people should be sued to make them pay for their lies.

Matt Miles said...

Here's the preview:

Open Space purchase votes were 5-4 with Peg siding with the Dems on council.

The Golf Course project had Benol and Gessinger on the defense saying they like open space, but didn't like these particular projects.

Council voted to fund 33% of the total project there, with the State and Lower Saucon funding the rest, and Lower Saucon in charge of maintenance. The existing buildings will be subdivided for a "Religious Retreat" according to Lower Saucon's Zoning representative at the meeting.

I was late getting in and missed old business, but my father and I were there to bring attention to the Church Crisis. Everyone on council mentioned they received our letters when we met after the meeting. Without getting into the politics of the situation, we were told that council can't do anything about the situation. Parsons is the only member of council who said to us that he is actively working on finding out what can be done for us. I need to look at the charter a bit more, but I want to see how the assessment/appeals boards are selected and who(m) they actually have to report to. Given the precedent, the County might be exposing themselves to a few lawsuits.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The Board is nominated by the Exec and confirmed by Council.

Anonymous said...

I was there (you sure you didn't sneak off to a Republican meeting? :-)). I only remember one vote being 5-4 with the others at 6-3. The 5-4 was to sell us swamp land in Florida (make that Pennsylvania). Really interested in your take on it after reviewing the video.

The Municipal Park Grants all passed unanimously except for the Bethlehem Township improvements along the walking/running trail which Mr. Kraft voted against.

I think I got that right but others should correct me if I didn't.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Ben, I'm pretty sure that as raucous as the GOP gets, it's nothing like a LHS graduation. I only am up to Morrow on the video and will watch the rest tonight.