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Monday, June 30, 2014

Cigars International - More Than Just Cigars

Cigars International, located near Route 22, at 4078 Nazareth Pike, was packed on June 28 for much more than a one-day sale. Outside, a band played as customers feasted at an old-fashioned BBQ, along with free beer. Inside the massive store, customers huddled in a TV room to watch soccer. There is also a game room to play chess, and some even saddled up against a bar.

Staff members Time Kramer, Ryne Rozelle, Jim Kerebs and Drew Braun were busy, but smiling.

Like the members at some exclusive club, customers can sit in an easy share, enjoy a game and smoke a corona without being asked to leave.

Some customers also bought cigars for the "Cigars for Troops" program sponsored by the store.


RAT said...

Maybe you can do your Christmas shopping for Ron there, unless you plan on giving him another trip to see the Chip'N'Dales review.

Anonymous said...

Filthy habit, filthy!

Dot Niklos said...

cigars International has donated cases of cigars for the deployed troops. Blue Star Mothers s Lehigh Valley Chapter sent them in the Christmas Care packages. They tell me they were the good ones too! We thank them for supporting our troops

Bernie O'Hare said...

The rats ae full of hate, and that is why they always lose.

chinese buffet said...

That place has great customer service. Nice addition to the valley.